Born in Bologna, Italy, to Eritrean parents, Senhit is a singer that combines her African roots with Italian style and European electro-pop attitude. Senhit has worked with the most prominent names in the Italian music scene, such as Gaetano Curreri and Maurizio D'Aniello and international producers like Busbee, Steve Daly & Jon Keep, Jamie Hartman and Brian Higgins.

Senhit began her career playing leading roles in successful musicals throughout Europe: The Lion King in Germany, Hair in Switzerland, Fame and Il Grande Campione with Massimo Ranieri in Italy. She took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 in Dusseldorf, representing the Republic of San Marino with the song Stand By.

In 2016, Senhit travelled all over Europe for a tour of the most popular clubs: she sang in Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, Manchester, Berlin and London. One year later, she released the EP Hey Buddy and her single, Something on your Mind, reached the Top 5 in the UK Commercial Pop Club Chart. In 2019 Senhit released 2 new singles in Italian and 1 in English, the videos for which were both directed by Luca Tommassini.

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