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Şebnem Paker

Besinçi Mevsim

🇹🇷 Turkey
Finished 12th
Besinçi Mevsim
Selma Çuhaci
Levent Çoker
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Şebnem Paker was born in Istanbul in 1977, and still lived at home with her parents and her sister when the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest took place. She is a guitarist, singer and music teacher.

Şebnem studied the guitar at the Istanbul University Conservatory, and took classical ballet classes for seven years. Besides her interest in music, she enjoys reading, travelling and going to the theatre. Later on, Later, she studied singing at Marmara University Music Department.

Paker represented Turkey also in 1997 with the song Dinle placing 3rd. She released her only album, Dinle, in August that year. She went on to become a teacher at a high school in Istanbul and also coauthored a textbook that is used in art high schools in Turkey.

The composer and conductor

Levent Çoker, born in Izmit in 1958, is a Turkish musician, arranger, conductor and composer. He graduated in 1971 from Ankara State Conservatory, having studied musical performance with emphasis on playing the trombone. He joined the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra in 1979 and has composed music for opera and ballet as well as for symphony orchestras and instrumental bands. Levent Çoker has won usic awards in several national music contests.

Lyrics of Besinçi Mevsim

Kapandı son kapım Vuruldum bilmeden Sakın o sen misin giden. Soyundu dallarum Delindi gökyüzü Kaçıncı sonbahar begün Hep sondu, hep zordu, çok yordu yıllar Sen orada, ben burada bak yasta yıllar Beşinci mevsime Uyansa düşlerim Hayaller öldene gel. Beşinci mevsime Açılsa güllerim Yeter bu sonbahar yeter Beşinci mevsime Açılsa yelkenim Yeter bu sonbahar yeter
"Fifth Season" The last hope is anihilated I'm in love not knowing the reason why Are you the one that's leaving? My branches are naked My sky is darker Which autumn is today? Always the end, always hard, I got tired on the road You're there, I'm here, look, the years in sorrow I wish my dreams would wake up to the fifth season Come before the dreams over I wish my roses would open up to the fifth season This much autumn is enough I wish my days would wake up to the fifth season Come before the dreams over I wish I would sail to the fifth season This much autumn is enough.