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Grand Final
Finished 3rd
First Semi-Final
Finished 2nd
Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed "K-One” Pirouzpanah
Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Hamed "K-One” Pirouzpanah
Sveriges Television

Sanna Nielsen, 29, broke through as an artist at the early age of 11 and is today one of Sweden's most famous pop artists. With multiple hits, Sanna has dominated both Swedish radio and Swedish charts throughout the years. One of Sanna's biggest dreams - to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest - has now been fulfilled!

Sanna's main source of inspiration has always been Celine Dion so when her songwriter David Kreuger presented the track Undo for her, she couldn’t resist the offer and decided to make her seventh attempt to reach the Eurovision Song Contest through the Swedish national selection.

Sanna has managed to reach the finals all seven times she participated in the Swedish national selection and was only a few points from winning in 2008. Despite finishing runner up, the song Empty Room was a massive success and Sanna held the first place on the Swedish charts 24 weeks in a row.

Sanna's career as a singer and performer began back in 1992 when she starred in her first talent show. It was followed by several more which in turn led to TV appearances and the #1 hit Till en fågel. She is still the youngest artist ever to hold a #1 position on the charts.

Today, Sanna is one of Sweden's most popular and respected artists in Sweden. Thanks to her amazing voice and mesmerising personality, she is since long a given artist on the big stages. But Sanna also thrives during her stripped-down concerts on smaller stages as this is where she can really convey a unique feeling and personality to each individual track.

She has released nine albums and just released the EP Undo EP which went straight to number one on the overall Swedish iTunes chart.

The composers

Fredrik Kempe is one of the most successful composers in Melodifestivalen. Undo is his fourth winning song and, thus, Swedish entry at the Eurovision Song Contest, after Charlotte Perrelli's Hero, Eric Saade's Popular and Malena Ernman's La Voix. He also won the Norwegian selection with the song My Heart Is Yours. He has also had a successful career as a performer and is currently the composer for the musical Livet är en schlager and the producer of Peter Jöback's latest album I Love Musicals.

David Kreuger has written songs for Westlife, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, and now Sanna Nielsen. Hamed "K-One" Pirouzpanah has also written Blame it on the disco with Alcazar and Yes We Can” by Oscar Zia from this year's Melodifestivalen final together with Fredrik and David.

Lyrics of Undo

Silent I just stood there silent Working up a storm inside my head Nothing I just stood for nothing So I fell for everything you said Hear the rumble Hear my voice Silent I can’t wait here silent Gotta make a change And make some noise Undo my sad Undo what hurts so bad Undo my pain Gonna get out, through the rain I know that I am over you At last I know what I should do Undo my sad Trouble baby I’m in throuble Everytime I look into your eyes Save me oh I’m gonna save me Faraway from all the crazy lies Hear the rumble Hear my voice Undo my sad Undo what hurts so bad Undo my pain Gonna get out, through the rain I know that I am over you At last I know what I should do Undo my sad