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Sandro, the stage name of Alessandro H. Ruetten, was born on 2 August 1996 in Germany, where he currently resides. Sandro is of German, American and Greek roots and fluent in German, English and Greek.

Sandro's calling for music was founded at the tender age of 4 when he started to sing and play the drums. Influenced by his musically-inclined family, Sandro began to play the guitar when he was 8, and at 19, the piano was added to his list of skills. A multi-instrumentalist, Sandro is characterized by a distinct and colourful voice and by his natural ability to connect with the audience and convey the emotions of the songs he performs. His favourite music styles are op, Rock, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop/Trap, Alternative, Funk and Blues.

Sandro founded his first band when he was 15 years old, and it was at this time that he started to write and produce his own songs, predominantly of the rock and pop genres. In 2018, Sandro’s cousin filed an application on his behalf for The Voice of Germany. Strengthened by all that he gained from The Voice, Sandro went on to represent the United States at the 2019 New Wave Festival in Russia. This December, Sandro was internally selected by the CyBC to represent Cyprus at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest.

His philosophy is that music must be authentic, truthful and reach peoples’ hearts. This feeling is, of course, reflected in Running. The song tells a dark story that showcases the struggle against adversities and the storms that we have to weather in life. Having experienced depression himself, Sandro’s performance underlines the tunnel of darkness that we must keep on running through in times of difficulty, but also of the strength needed to stand tall through it.

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Lyrics of Running

I don't feel like talking, let me sit here alone.
The phone's ca-alling, I can't pick it up

I'm tired of running from these demons (demons)
I'm tired of running from these demons, I can't see any more
I can't see anymore

But I keep on running, I keep on running
I keep on running away
Now I keep on running, I keep on running
I don't wanna fall again

Drowning out my memories, from the night before
Door's kno-o-cking, just leave me alone

Looking - losing
My energy - tripping
Anybody tow me back home

(Yeah yeah)

Standing naked
Putting on fake smiles
I don´t wanna be sad anymore

I don't wanna fall again

I'm not gonna fall again