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The band, which at the very  beginning of its existence recorded a splendid success regardless of an unusual situation such as looking for the group singer in daily newspaper advertisements, was destined to come to life again and, after years of  inactivity, soar up into the sky of popular music trends. History of the Sarajevo pop-rock group Regina, whose members, as far back as 1990 “decided” to get seriously involved in music life, recorded a very unhappy situation of not having a proper vocalist, at that time!

After an unsuccessful audition, to which some “singers” even brought somebody else’s recordings, Davor Ebner appeared quite unexpectedly. At that time he was the vocalist in the Sarajevo group Konvoj (Convoy). After three months Ebner finally yielded to pressing and persuasion of Aleksandar Čovic, the front-man of the group Regina. An agreement was reached and first recordings done.

With a recognizable sound of the Sarajevo pop-rock school, precisely adjusted to various generations, teenagers as well as admirers of a “harder” sound, the songs from Regina’s first album easily found their way to listeners. New stars were born. Songs Sleep! ,Do Not Ask Me and The Way She Was, marked the first album, released in 1990, under the name "Regina".

Their second album, named Love Is Not For Us, released in 1991, crossed the borders of Bosnia & Herzegovina, achieving success all over former Yugoslavia. The war circumstances separated the band members and the band ceased their work.

The new millennium marked the beginning of separate careers for Aleksandar Covic, under the name Aco Reginal and for Davor Ebner with the group Gruntibugli , but they were overshadowed by the success of the former Regina. These independent careers ended in 2004 when, after meeting in Belgrade and only one discourse, they agreed to restore Regina in its former cast: Aleksandar Čović, Davor Ebner, Bojan Milićević and Denis Čabrić. After ten month preparations the group Regina, in its former shape, recorded their new, come-back album – I Can Do It All and once again captured the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia…

The success of this album was confirmed in a great concert tour all over Bosnia & Herzegovina. The crown of their career was their performance as a supporting act for the Rolling Stones at their concert in Budva, in July 2007.

In January 2009 Regina was chosen to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, with the song Bistra Voda.

Music video

Lyrics of Bistra Voda

Pitao sam neke ljude
u mome kraju gdje mi duša stanuje.
Jednu tajnu za mene,
kažu kriješ draga.

Pitao sam da mi vrate
ono vrijeme, dane, sate...
Proljeće na ljubav miriše.
Tako kažu.

Rodi me u majsku zoru,
kupaj me u bistroj vodi.
Čuvam jedan svijet
kad svi drugi odu.
Čuvam te dok sam živ.

Ukradi malo sunca za nas
nemaš sutra, nemaš danas...
Lako je,
kad ti pjesma srce nađe.