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Raphael Gualazzi

Madness Of Love

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Madness Of Love
Raffaele Gualazzi
Raffaele Gualazzi
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Raphael Gualazzi was born in Urbino on the 11th of November, 1981. After studying pianoforte at the Rossini Conservatory in Pesaro, where he focussed on classical composers, he extended his musical research to include Jazz, Blues and Fusion, collaborating with qualified artists of the sector and becoming known for his unique vocal and instrumental qualities.

His music was born of the fusion between the Rag-time technique of the early 1900s and the lyricism of Blues, Soul and Jazz in its more traditional form. The typical pre-jazz and stride-piano sounds of Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, Art Tatum and Mary Lou Williams, and the Blues of Ray Charles and Roosevelt Sykes, are brought up to date by Raphael Gualazzi with an extremely personal style in which tradition co-exists with the most innovative influences of such eclectic artists as Jamiroquai and Ben Harper.

Since 2005 Raphael Gualazzi has taken part in important festivals such as Fano Jazz, the Java Festival of Jakarta and Argo Jazz, Ravello International Festival and others, and in France in 2008 his compilation Piano Jazz was released on the Wagram label. This compilation included Raphael Gualazzi’s interpretation of Georgia On My Mind  as well as compositions of great artists like Norah Jones, Diana Krall, Art Tatum, Ray Charles, Jimmie Cullum, Michael Petrucciani, Chick Corea, Thelonious Monk, Dave Brubeck, Nina Simone and Duke Ellington.

After being invited to perform in Vermont and New Hampshire as part of the project The History & Mystery Of Jazz, alongside such prominent musicians as Michael Ray (Sun Ra Arkestra, Kool & The Gang), Steve Ferraris (Sun Ra Arkestra, Charlie Haden), Jamie McDonald, Nick Cassarino, Bob Gullotti and John McKenna, in September of 2009 Raphael Gualazzi met Caterina Caselli and signed with Sugar a recording contract. 

After catching the attention of the general public with his cover of  Don’t Stop, the celebrated ’70s success of the famous band Fleetwood Mac, which was chosen as the soundtrack of the ENI television ad, in the summer of 2010 Raphael Gualazzi performed at the Heineken Jammin Festival, the prestigious Pistoia Blues Festival and the Giffoni Film Festival, and went on to make his debut in September at the club Blue Note in Milan, where he presented his first 4-track digital EP of the same name, which brought him to the top of the iTunes charts. 

In the meantime, the track Reality And Fantasy, remixed by Gilles Peterson and added to the Hotel Costes Compilation and Nova Tunes 2.2, reached the top of the charts for digital sales throughout the world. Raphael Gualazzi gained air play on some of the most prestigious French networks and in December he performed at the Louvre and then went on to make his debut at the Sun Side Club in Paris, the ‘temple’ of jazz music, where he presented his repertoire to the European media. 

In February 2011 Raphael Gualazzi took part in the Festival of Sanremo in Italy with the song Madness Of Love. The song won hands down, coming away with the prize for the Young Artists category, the “Mia Martini” Critics Award and the Press, Radio & TV Award. 

Simultaneously, the English version of Madness Of Love was included in the soundtrack of the film Manual Of Love 3, directed by Giovanni Vchosen and starring Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci.  

The song, which was written, produced and arranged by Gualazzi himself, is from his debut album Reality And Fantasy, released on the Sugar label on 16th February (and distributed with Universal Music in France and Germany). The song will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf with an English/Italian version of the lyrics.

Lyrics of Madness Of Love

Dire si dire mai Non e’ facile sai And all the world around you seems to slip and disappear Io non so piu’ chi sei Non mi importa chi sei I know for certain I won't bother you with nostalgia Ma vedrai un altro me in un sogno fragile riderai come se non ti avessi amato mai cercherai un altro me oltre l’ombra di un caffe’ Troverai solo me Se mi fermo un attimo io non so piu’ chi sei Qui si vive cosi’ day by day night by night but someone hit me and I fell into your heart, my dear And you’ll fly over lands Where your eyes can’t find the end Upon mountains down lanes Being so far away from you just makes me feel so damned! E vedrai un altra te quasi invincibile viva come non mai ed e’ li che tu mi avrai oltre false magie l’orizzonte sarai splenderai, splenderai, splenderai splenderai!
Can’t you see Through your eyes There’s a look that don’t shine And all the world around you seems to slip and disappear Thought that word from your heart Means I’m yours, means you’re smart I know for certain I won't bother you with nostalgia But you'll find other men full of love and filled with damn and you'll smile here and there like the first of all your sighs there you'll cry with your friends like he was the first and last spreading life wasting life shouldn't be that way if you ain't got a tear to hide! Here we live, with no tricks day by day night by night but someone hit me and I fell into your heart, my dear And you’ll fly over lands Where your eyes can’t find the end Upon mountains down lanes Being so far away from you just makes me feel so damned! Show your man how to love, show him tears and skies above, show him worlds full of light and your dreams that you can't hide show him spells he can hear and your wonderful life, let it shine! let it shine! let it shine! let it shine!
Dire oui dire jamais Ce n’est pas facile tu sais Et l’univers entier autour de toi semble s’esquiver et disparaître Moi je ne sais plus qui tu es Peu m’importe qui tu es Je suis sûr de ne pas t’ennuyer avec ma nostalgie Mais tu verras un autre moi dans un rêve fragile tu riras comme si je ne t’avais jamais aimée tu chercheras un autre moi par-delà l’ombre d’un café Tu ne trouveras que moi Si je m’arrête un instant moi je ne sais plus qui tu es Ici on vit comme ça Jour après jour nuit après nuit mais quelqu’un m’a frappé et je suis tombé dans ton cœur, mon amour et tu voleras au-dessus de terres dont tes yeux ne verront pas la fin sur les montagnes le long des rues être si loin de toi me rend fou! Et tu verras une autre toi-même quasiment invincible vivante comme jamais et c’est là que tu m’auras au-delà des fausses magies tu seras l’horizon Tu resplendiras, tu resplendiras, tu resplendiras tu resplendiras!