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Quartissimo feat. Martina

Slovenia will be presented this year by an interesting composition of string instruments and a young Economics student. Their song Love Symphony will be performed by string players with an impressive background and the female vocalist is already a Eurovision Song Contest veteran.

Martina Majerle

The band's vocalist Martina Majerle was born on the 2nd of May, 1980, Rijeka, Croatia. She is a student of Economics. 

She made her first serious steps into the world of music as the lead singer of the Rijeka band Putokazi. She continued her musical career as a soloist in the ambient-electro-pop band Atmospheric.

As a back vocalist, Martina performed at many concerts at home and abroad. She accompanied many famous musicians from the former Yugoslav region, amongst them were Tereza Kesovija in Olympia (Paris), Zdravko Čolić, the band Novi Fosili, Severina, Massimo Savić, Nina Badrić, Vanna, Toni Cetinski, Vesna Pisarović, Radojka Šverko, Maja Blagda, etc. 

As a backing vocalist, Martina has performed at the Eurovision Song Contest three times before: in 2003 with the Croatian representative, Claudia Beni, in 2007 with the Slovene representative, Alenka Gotar, and in 2008 with the Montenegrin representative, Stefano Filipović. 

Martina has recently become a member of the Croatian RTV orchestra and is involved in all the big projects regarding the Croatian national broadcaster.

Žiga Cerar

Žiga Cerar was born on April 27th, 1978, Ljubljana, Slovenia. He started to learn the violin at the age of eight, at the Franc Šturm Musical School in Ljubljana. He continued his musical studies at a secondary musical school in Ljubljana. After graduating from secondary school, he was accepted to the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Austria. After receiving his college degree, Žiga enrolled in a master's course and became an MA.

Žiga won numerous awards at national and international competitions. During his studies, he regularly attended various summer schools and seminars with numerous distinguished professors.

Between 2002 and 2004, Žiga was a member of the Cologne Chamber Orchestra and toured several European cities.

Žiga Cerar is a member of a few chamber orchestras. He was the founder of the Octissimo String Octet, which had many successful concerts in Slovenia and abroad. 

Since 2004, Žiga is employed in the Slovene Philharmonic Orchestra and is a member of the Slovene Philharmonics chamber string orchestra for the last two years.

Matjaž Bogataj

Matjaž Bogataj (born in 1987) is a student at the Univesität Für Musik Und Darstellende Kunst Graz. So far, he has performed at more than 200 concerts, either as a soloist or as a member of chamber groups and orchestras. 

He has improved his knowledge in different master classes with various famous names from the world of classical music.

Matjaž won awards at seven international and two national musical competitions. He achieved his latest success at the First World Violin Competition for Young Violinists Stefan Milenkovich, where he was the runner-up. 

In June and July of 2008, he was one of the scholarship holders at the International Santanader Music Festival (Spain), where he performed soloist recitals and toured Spain and Paris with chamber groups and orchestras. At the end of the summer, Matjaž was invited for a second consecutive master class with the Vienna Philharmonic, which takes place every summer in Trenta, Slovenia. After finishing the course, Matjaž was chosen as one of the soloists who showcased his musical abilities at the famous Musikverein in Vienna.

Samo Dervišić

Samo Dervišić was born on the 12th of December, 1981, Ljubljana, Slovenia. He started playing violoncello at the age of five, at the Franc Šturm Musical School. He continued his musical education at the Secondary Musical and Ballet School in Ljubljana. After graduating, he successfully passed his entrance examination to the Ljubljana Academy of Music.

From 2002 to 2007, Samo Dervišić was teaching violoncello at various musical schools in Slovenia. 

His desire to broaden his musical knowledge and to try his hand at other musical genres, led Samo to join the Aperion band. With this band, he won several musical tenders and competitions in Slovenia and abroad. The band made a successful musical video in 2007.

Apart from this, Samo is a cellist in La Vie D'Un Quatuor String Quartet. The members of this classical string quartet perform world music, accompanied by photographic projections.

Luka Dukarić

Luka Dukarić was born on the 9th of September, 1986, Ljubljana, Slovenia. He started his musical education at the age of eight, at Ljubljana's Moste-Polje Musical School. After finishing this school, he continued studying, firstly at the Secondary Musical and Ballet School in Ljubljana and later at the Academy of Music.

During his studies, Luka won a gold medal in 2000 and 2003 at the regional competitions, a bronze plaque in 2000 and a gold plaque in 2003, when he was also the runner-up at the national violin competition. At the international competition for young violinists in Gorica, Slovenia, in 2001, he won an award. At the Vladimir Lovec-Ivan Šček chamber group competition, Luka won a third placement award and two special awards.

For three years, he was a member of the Young Musicians International Symphony Orchestra and performed in many European countries. In 2006, he became a member of the international orchestra Animato Academy. Luka performed at the 51st Summer Festival held at Ljubljana's Castle in 2003.

Music video

Lyrics of Love Symphony

Rodi se in umre,
kot krog obrača se...
le jaz in ti sva vse,
to simfonija je...

Rodi se in umre,
kot krog obrača se...
le jaz in ti sva vse vse,
to simfonija je

Out of time, out of place
somewhere, inside my universe,
where you live your dreams...

Imagine, you and me,
we're flying above the sea,
feeling free,
like in this love symphony...