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Poli Genova

Poli Genova rose to fame as member of the group BonBon, which would later represent Bulgaria at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. With her entry in the national final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, she moved Beyoncé to tears. Her 2011 song winning the national final in Bulgaria is called Na Inat.

For the 2009 Bulgarian national final, Poli received a wildcard with the song One Lifetime Is Not Enough. Eventually she finished second in the final after landslide-winner Krassimir Avramov, singing Illusion.

Before the 2009 Bulgarian final, Beyoncé heard Poli's One Lifetime Is Not Enough by coincidence. The American singer couldn't hold back her tears when listening to the song, according to Bulgarian news portal

Poli Genova won the hearts of the spectators and the jury at the Bulgarian finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with her song Na Inat ("Defiance"). It seems that the charismatic title of the song enchanted the audience. Na Inat spread the wings of her long-awaited victory in Bulgaria, and now she hopes that it will help her win the hearts of the music fans in Düsseldorf.

“My dream to represent Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest came true! I dreamt of being on the great stage, meeting new people, my colleagues from across Europe. That was my dream!” Poli Genova announced for the website after she won a landslide victory at the Bulgarian national final.

Na Inat was composed by Borislav Milanov, the British Sebastian Arman, the Austrian David Bronner and Poly Genova.

“The song was created spontaneously, and it is created for this song contest in particular. I had no idea what the song would turn out to be ... I travelled to Vienna and I recorded it four days before the deadline. Now that I think of it, I find the song rather brave,” Genova added.

Poli Genova is a singer who has mustered the courage to compete for the Eurovision Song Contest four times. In 2005 she reached the finals as a member of the band Melody with the song Otkriy Me Sega ("Find Me Now"), written by Boris Chakurov.

She was born on 10th February 1987 in Sofia and started her career of a singer at the age of eight as a member of the children’s vocal ensemble Bon-Bon.

Poli started singing at the age of 4 in the popular children’s vocal ensemble with the National Palace of Children. Later she joined the children’s vocal ensemble Bon-Bon after it was set up in 1995 and thus she started her professional singing career.

Her voice is the trademark of Bon-Bon. For six years, Poly hosted the eponymous Children’s TV show. It was then that she started singing together with such famous Bulgarian pop singers as Georgi Hristov, Yordanka Hristova and Nelly Rangelova. She took part together with Nelly Rangelova and Bon-Bon in the Golden Orpheus Song Contest, and they won the special award of the Bulgarian National Television.

In 1997, Poli travelled with Bon-Bon to Belarus to take part in the international Slavianski Bazaar festival where the children’s ensemble won an award.

Poli graduated from Lyubomir Pipkov National School of Music majoring in a clarinet. Simultaneously with pursuing her singing career, she is a student of film production.

Last year, Poli took part in the first edition of the dance TV show Dancing Stars on bTV. It is worth pointing out that soon after she accepted the invitation to be a lead vocalist in the band, the talented singer was invited also to be the assistant producer of the TV show, but she turned down the invitation due to previous arrangements.

Poli Genova has kept in touch with Bon-Bon during all those years. She is currently working on her debut album together with her producer and vocal pedagogue Rozi Karaslavova, who has been leading Poli on her path to success for 14 years now.

Music video

Lyrics of Na Inat

На Инат
О, аз знам, ще намеря сила в мен
колко мога да постигна!
Yeah, yeah

Няма да пречупят всичко във мен,
Няма да ме видят пак сломена
Няма как да стигнат там, до мен
Yeah, Yeah

Няма да намерят път към мен,
Няма да отнемат мойта вяра
Искат да погледнат, пак над мен
Не, Не

Но да, знам, ще намеря сила в мен
И небето да достигна -
На инат, на инат...
О, да знам силата ще бъде с мен
Колко мога да постигна!
Колко мога да постигна!

Има толкова любов във мен-
Има смисъл още да остана
И намирам воля всеки ден
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Има хора като теб и мен
Ще останем - на инат се борим
От кой зависи? Да - от теб и мен!
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Но знам, ще намериш сила в мен
И небето да достигнем
На инат, на инат...
О, да, знам силата ще бъде с теб
Колко можем да постигнем!
Колко можем да постигнем!

Да ... Той е там
и ни дава, Той ни дава -
сила, смелост да вървим напред..

Но да, знам , ще намеря сила в мен
И небето да достигнем -
На инат, пак сме тук
О, да, знам силата ще бъде с теб
Колко можем да достигнем,
Колко можем да постигнем!

Виждам има смисъл
да се борим с теб и знай -
колко можем да постигнем
Да,ние можем да постигнем!
Oh, I know, I will find strength in me
To do what I can do!
Yeah, yeah

They will not break me.
They will not see me broken again.
They cannot get me there.
Yeah, Yeah

They will not find a way to me.
They will not take my faith.
They want to look again over me,
No, no

But yes, I know, I will find strength in me
Even to reach the sky -
No matter what, no matter what ...
Oh, I know the power will be with me
To do what I can do!
To do what I can do!

There is so much love in me,
It still makes sense to stay.
And every day I find my will
Yeah, yeah, yeah

People like you and me
Will remain and fight no matter what.
Who does it depend on? Yes, on you and me!
Yeah, yeah, yeah

But I know you will find strength in me
Even to reach the sky
No matter what, no matter what ...
Oh yeah, I know the power will be with you
To do what we can do!
To do what we can do!

Yes ... He is there
and He gives us, He gives us -
strength, courage to go on ..

But yes, I know I will find strength in me
And we can even reach the sky
No matter what, no matter what
Oh yeah, I know the power will be with you
To do what we can do,
To do what we can do!

It makes sense
for us to fight and you should know
how much we can achieve.
Yes, we can do it!