Pastora Soler

Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me)

🇪🇸 Spain
Grand Final
Finished 10th
Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me)
Written by
Antonio Sánchez
Composed by
Antonio Sánchez, Thomas G:son & Erik Bernholm
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Pastora Soler (33) is a well-known Spanish singer, famous for combining diverse musical styles like copla, flamenco and "Canción Española" with pop. She is considered one of the best voices of the Spanish music scene.

Pastora Soler was born in Seville in 1978. She is a precocious artist who started singing songs from her birth land before the age of eight, and has professionally performed for more that eighteen years now.

She has played with dance rhythms, fused music with Arab overtones, rendered homage to the Brazilian samba, dived into songwriting, and made the best melodic music evolve. Her successful tours have taken her to Turkey, Egypt, Latin America and the USA.

With nine studio albums and a greatest hits record on the market, Pastora has gained three platinum certifications and four gold ones. Throughout her career, she has also received important awards. And she has joined forces with such famous artists as Alejandro Sanz, Armando Manzanero, Raphael, Malú or Miguel Poveda to name but a few.

Her 2010 release, a live album that celebrates her 15 years of career as a recording artist, 15 Años, won Best Copla Album at the Spanish Music Awards and was nominated for the 2011 Latin Grammy Award for Best Flamenco Album.

The Spanish entry Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me)

She now embraces with enthusiasm the chance to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with the modern pop ballad Quedate Conmigo (Stay With Me) written by Antonio Sánchez, Thomas G:son and Erik Bernholm.

A delightful and lively modern pop ballad, Stay With Me was written by one Spanish and two Swedish authors, who have worked on many previous hits and whose combination favours the most international side of Spanish pop making it a ballad with an original structure that goes in crescendo to the final climax. Three minutes of pure power-pop with an exuberant melody and effective lyrics, so that European audiences may understand some of these Spanish words.

Stay With Me is a catchy melody with universal lyrics that makes a plea to the loved one to stay by our side, once we have realized how little we have done to keep that love flame burning bright.

The composers

Antonio Sánchez, Tony, is a Spanish songwriter, composer and artistic producer. He was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and studied music and piano at the local conservatory. Nowadays he lives in Madrid and is engaged fulltime in the music business. Some people for whom he has written songs include, among others, Marta Sánchez, Wagon Folk, José Galisteo, Cody Simpson, Agnes, d’Nash, Coral Segovia, Auryn, Raúl Olivo, and Venus.

Thomas G:son, the Swedish songwriter and producer, very well know by the Eurovision followers, has a long list of international hits behind him. He has written songs for world famous artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Tsukasa Mizu and Arash. Many top Swedish artists have sung his songs, like Carola, Jessica Folcker, Roger Pontare, etc. Thanks to his work with Tony Sánchez, Thomas G:son’s songs have also enjoyed a great success in Spain.

Erik Bernholm is a Swedish songwriter and expert producer that has got several platinum albums. His fame came about with Sahlene’s Eurovision entry for Estonia in 2002, Runaway, and thereafter he has worked in projects as Natural, Vanessa S, Casey Donovan, Wei Wei and The Veronicas. Erik specializes in crafting modern pop and has also produced many film soundtracks. Erik co-wrote In A Moment Like This, which represented Denmark at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Lyrics of Quédate Conmigo (Stay With Me)

QUÉDATE CONMIGO - STAY WITH ME: Perdón si no supe decir Que lo eras todo para mí Perdón por el dolor Perdona cada lágrima Yo sé que no merezco más Pero si no te tengo aquí No sé vivir Quédate Conmigo No te vayas Perdóname Si no supe amarte, amor No era mío el corazón Quédate Conmigo Quédate Conmigo Si no estás no sale el sol Ya no hay recuerdos del ayer Sólo las horas en tu piel Amándote Quédate Conmigo No te vayas Perdóname Si no supe amarte, amor No era mío el corazón Quédate Conmigo Quédate Conmigo Si no estás no sale el sol Y ahora que te veo marchar Sé que no te voy a olvidar...

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