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Singer-songwriter and producer PÆNDA's will represent Austria at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with her ballad 'Limits'. The song also features on her new album 'Evolution II', released on 26 April 2019. The song tells the story of how she pushed herself beyond all limits in her zeal and passion for music to the point of full exhaustion.

PÆNDA explains "Being aware of the moments where I needed a break was a process for me. It was a long and at times difficult road to learning my own limits." The song expresses her vulnerability. At the same time, it conveys the message that it is important to believe in yourself in order to find your own way. The highest premise: no limits. The same applies to PÆNDA's music, while she creates various sounds in her home studio, she passionately plays with stylistic restrictions and narrowing genres.

Her style is a mix of electronic, hip-hop, pop and techno, avoiding pretentiousness or cliché. The native of Styria in South Austria started her project in 2016 and has since been experimenting meticulously with her unique sounds. PÆNDA is building bridges by connecting the worlds of underground and mainstream music. Her singles Waves and Good Girl are good examples for her inclination towards blending a subtle form of avant-garde with the fleet-footedness of pop. PÆNDA also has someone special to help her find her sounds, she says: "My sister is a good indicator: If she doesn't sing or hum the hook line right after I played her a new song, I know that the melody isn't powerful enough."

Her new album Evolution II is brimming with 10 self-penned and self-produced powerful songs, PÆNDA presents herself as more accessible and catchier than before. She left behind the fear of being too straightforward in her style of composing and unfolds as a contemporary pop artist with the right sensitivity for refined melodies and a knack for comprehensible sound structures. The range of topics covers the themes of confidence, self-determination, perseverance and self-awareness.

Album tracks like So Loud, Everything I'm Not or Like a Domino encourage listeners to not get sidelined by society or self-proclaimed advisors, while still leaving room for vulnerability. PÆNDA: "There were so many times where someone would try to lead me astray or cause insecurity. Thankfully, I can always count on a few people who truly support me. It was tough, learning how to stay true to and trusting in myself. But it was about time." The album's opener, fittingly titled I Like the Way You Hate Me, is a metaphorical one-finger salute to internet-detractors, while Love Myself is a catchy ode to self-love and believing in one's own abilities. "For a long time, I tolerated too many things and backed down a lot. I learned so much from these experiences. Now I know what I want and what is really important to me." This makes Evolution II an album without compromise, but with a lot of feeling.

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Lyrics of Limits

Minds got to move but I’m so trapped within me
Expanded all my limits too carelessly
And I’m counting on the time to get me back in line
Cause nothing really makes sense no more
I’m set on hold so I needn’t be bold anymore

Cause the face in the mirror
Just couldn’t look clearer right back through me
And how I’d like to say
It will get better tomorrow or any day

Yeah I’m talking bout you, you
You and the luck you try to find
You, you
You and how hard you try to hide it

I sense the pain, but it doesn’t hurt anymore
It’s even number than the ache I felt before
So I smile for a while, let the torture begin
The pressure on my chest becomes almost routine
It’s not like I don’t care, but there’s nothing left to bare

Yeah I’m talking bout you, you
You and the love you try to find
You, you
You and how hard you try to hide it

And I’m letting it all come crushing down
Come breaking in
It’s like rain just left back blurred outlines