Oto Nemsadze

Oto Nemsadze

Keep on Going

🇬🇪 Georgia
First Semi-Final
Finished 14th
Keep on Going
Written by
Diana Giorgadze
Composed by
Roma Giorgadze
Georgian Public Broadcasting

This year's Eurovision Song Contest representative from Georgia is Oto Nemsadze. He was born on 18 June 1989 in Gori, a city located in the eastern part of Georgia. At the age of 3, his mother Maia started to teach him how to sing.

Oto Nemsadze is best known for winning the fifth season of Geostar in 2010, he received the most points from the Georgian audience to be crowned the winner.

In 2012 Oto was a contestant in the international music contest 10+10, broadcast by Georgian public broadcaster GPB. A year later he released his first album Fiqrebis Zgva, performed his first solo concert in Tbilisi and won the Bravo Music Contest.

In 2014, Oto moved across the Georgian border to participate in The Voice of Ukraine and finished in second place. In 2016 he reached second place again, this time in another tv show called Your Face Sounds Familiar. Two years later, Oto performed at rock band Okean Elzy's concert at the Lviv Arena in Ukraine.

This year, Oto managed to win Georgian Idol and automatically became Georgia's representative in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest as part of his prize. Currently, he is working on his second album and sings at various large music events in Georgia.

Lyrics of Keep on Going

Sul tsin iare! Bevri iare! Edzebe! Ipove! Iare! Iare! Sadghats mgherian! Gulit mgherian, Mavtulebia! Mgherian! Iare! Maints mgherian! Varado varado, varada rada hee. Varado varado, varada rada hee. Iare edzebe, ipove! Dakargul simgherebs Khma rom miatsvdino mteli khmit imgere! Sul tsin iare! Gulit iare! Iare! Iare! Am mavtulebze gadaiare! Varados mgherian mamebi, shvilebi Aatskve chonguri, chven ar davishlebit Iare gulit da zghva gadaiare, Simgherit vushushebt ertmanets iarebs. Varada varada ... Varada varada ... Varada varada, varada rada he Varada varada, varada rada Iare gulit da zghva gadaiare, Simgherit vushushebt ertmanets iarebs!

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