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Noa & Mira Awad

Noa and Mira will represent the Israeli colours in Moscow! The unique Israeli-Arab combination hopes to charm the European hearts with their song There Must Be Another Way.


Known in Israel by her full name Achinoam Nini, Noa is Israel's leading international concert and recording artist. Born in Tel- Aviv in 1969, Noa lived in NYC from age 2 until her return to Israel alone at the age of 17. Her family is originally from Yemen. After serving the mandatory two years in the Israeli Army in a military entertainment unit, Noa studied music at the Rimon School where she met her long-time partner and collaborator Gil Dor. Noa is married to Dr. Asher Barak and together they have 2 children, Ayehli and Enea.

Noa's strongest influences come from the singer-songwriters of the 60s. 

These musical and lyrical sensibilities, combined with Noa's Yemenite roots and Gil Dor's strong background in Jazz, Classical and Rock, have created Noa and Gil's unique sound, manifested in hundreds of songs written and performed together. Noa plays percussion, guitar and piano. 

Over the span of their 17 year career together, Gil and Noa have written and produced 10 albums and various compilations. The songwriting duo has sold over a million and a half copies of their current catalogue. 

Noa has toured and sang with rock superstar Sting, performed her song Child Of Man with Stevie Wonder for a CBS TV special in the US, and shared the stage and microphone with many great artists including Carlos Santana, Sheryl Crow, George Benson, Maurane, Eric Serra, Johnny Clegg, Pascal Obispo, Zucherro, Al Dimeola, Massimo Ranieri, Florent Pagny, Jean Jacques Goldman, Jorge Drexler, Joan Manuel Serrat and Miguel Bose.

Noa has performed in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and Avery Fisher Hall in NYC,  Olympia in Paris, Rome's Coloseum, The Barbican in London, Zellerbach Auditorium in San Francisco, Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, as well as numerous successful tours of major venues and festivals throughout Europe, the US, Canada, Brazil and Japan. Noa was also the first Israeli Artist formally invited to perform in Morocco. 

In 1998, Noa recorded the part of Esmeralda in French for the original soundtrack of the multi-Platinum selling Notre Dame de Paris.

Her song Babel written in English, French and Hebrew as theme song for the Gerarad Pullicino movie of the same name, topped the charts in France the following year. 

Noa collaborated with French composer Eric Serra on two film songs; the first one, 

The Experience Of Love from the James Bond film Goldeneye, and the second one, My Heart Calling from the Luc Besson film Joan of Arc, which she also co-wrote.

In the year 2000 Noa and Gil were asked to write lyrics for Nicola Piovani's musical theme for Roberto Benigni's Oscar award winning movie: Life Is Beautiful.

The song was recorded and released with the album Blue Touches Blue, and became a huge hit for the song-writing duo.

In July 2004, Noa and Gil, together with Palestinian singer Rim Banna, wrote and recorded the theme song for the animated film Pace of Peace. The short film was awarded special notice in the 2005 Venice Film Festival.

Mira Anwar Awad

Actress, singer and songwriter.

Born in Rama village in the Gallillee, 1975 to Palestinian fathet, and Bulgarian mother

Studied in the Rimon school for Jazz and contemporary music, 1996-2000.

Participated in Improvisational workshops in Isarael and the UK sponsored by the BIArts, British Council.

Studied in the body theatre school with a scholarship from the America-Israel culture  foundation.

Speaks Arabic, Hebrew, English and Bulgarian. 

Has a theatre career as well:

Ad'kor. an arabic musical, Al'midan theatre.

Dual Solitude (also performed in Lamama theatre, NY), The Committee For Truth and Reconciliation,  Antara,  The Queen And The Soldier And The Voyages of Pergint, at the Arabic-Hebrew theatre, Yaffo.

My Fair Lady, as Eliza Doolittle, in the Isareli Opera house in collaboration with producer Moshe Yosef.

Hold The Light For Me, a dance piece by Mimi Wisenberg. Music by Menahem Wisenberg.

The House of Spirits (in Italian),  Dell'orologio theatre, Rome, Italy.

Currently working in Hakameri theatre, Tel-Aviv in the productions: Plonter,  Shirat Hakameri,  Makom Aher Ve Ir Zara, Ze Hayam Hagadol, and The Return To Haifa.

TV work:

Tv series Arabic Work .

Tv series Noah's Ark.

Guest appearances on Life Is Not Everything, and Hasufim

Hosted TV programs on channel 1 and on the Israeli Educational TV : Sahtein,  Yots'im mehakelim, Sabres, The trail of tales.


That Woman Like A Rose, by director Ihab Salti.

The Bubble, by director Eithan Fux.

Al'Zendiq,  by director Michel Khleifi.


Edited and presented the radio program Terminal on Al'Shams radio.

co-hosted program Friday at 9 with Emanuel Rozen,on  Radio 99.


Collaborated with:

Noa (Achinoam Nini) on her album Now. 

Idan Raichel in his second album Mema'amakim. 

Greek singer George Dalaras. 

Hip-Hop artist Guy Mar. 

Also recorded the theme songs for movies:  Forgiveness by director Udi Aloni, and Lemon Tree by director Eran Riklis. 

And soon releasing  her debut album Bahlawan/Acrobat, musically produced by Amos Ever-Hadani.


Prize winner for costume design for children play My summer vacation, the children theatre festival, Haifa.

Winner of Edna Flidel scholarship for young actors.

Photo exhibition We didn’t have a sea there, in the Cameri theatre.

Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence) chosen artist since 2008.

Music video

Lyrics of There Must Be Another Way

There must be another, must be another way
עינייך אחות
כל מה שליבי מבקש אומרות
עברנו עד כה
דרך ארוכה
דרך כה קשה
יד ביד
והדמעות זולגות זורמות לשוא
כאב ללא שם
אנחנו מחכות
רק ליום שיבוא אחרי
There must be another way
There must be another way
عينيك بتقول
راح ييجي يوم وكل الخوف يزول
بعينيك اصرار
انه عنا خيار
نكمل هالمسار
مهما طال
لانه ما في عنوان وحيد للاحزان
بنادي للمدى, للسما العنيده
There must be another way
There must be another way
There must be another, must be another way
דרך ארוכה נעבור
דרך כה קשה
יחד אל האור
عينيك بتقول
كل الخوف يزول
And when I cry I cry for both of us
My pain has no name
And when I cry I cry to the merciless sky and say
There must be another way
והדמעות זולגות זורמות לשוא
כאב ללא שם
אנחנו מחכות
רק ליום שיבוא אחרי
There must be another way
There must be another way
There must be another, must be another way