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Nelly Ciobanu

One autumn morning in a small village in the south of Moldova a young woman prayed to her god; she asked: “Give me, My God, a girl who would become a singer!”. So on October, 28th 1974 in the village of Саnia in the Kantemirsky region, Nelly Ciobanu entered this life.

She is a bright, beautiful girl with captivating charisma; from her first moments on stage she has stunned her audiences with her unique ability to capture a hall with her resonant voice.

She made her professional debut in the Morning Star competition in 1994, which ended with a spectacular victory for the 19 year old singer; she was awarded the first prize and attracted general admiration, both from spectators and professionals. Eminent musicians were heard to say "This girl has a brilliant future".

Following her performance in the 1996 competition Maluri de Prut, she was acclaimed as the best young pop singer in the country. In 1997 at the contest Mamaia, 97 Nelly was awarded the third prize, and with it, recognition of her musical and artistic talents in Romania.

After the Sea of Friends competition in 1998, Nelly’s silver voice echoed along the Black Sea coast of Yalta. She took the third prize in the contest and won the permanent devotion of the audience. The special fire of the Moldavian singer and her Intriguing voice made her a general favorite with a second place at the contest Voice of Asia in 1999. The same year Nelly received the first prize at the contest Vladimir Ivasiuk and the recognition of the Ukrainian public. In 2000, at the prestigious Slavianskij Bazaar contest in Belarus, Nelly created a fantastic atmosphere, leading to the first prize in the festival. The crowd enthusiastically bade farewell to "the Moldavian nightingale" with a standing ovation.

All of Moldova held its breath as it watched Nelly’s performance at the New Wave contest in Jurmala in 2003. Even though she won the second prize, all of the participants, spectators, and juries declared that the Moldavian singer Nelly Ciobanu was the most important discovery of the festival. 

The creative career of Nelly Ciobanu has developed steadily; she sings on the same stage with Western and Russian stars and her concerts in Eastern and Western Europe, China and Korea are planned for years in advance. Nelly Ciobanu became the face and pride of Moldavian artistic expression; wherever her voice is heard, people talk of the small country in the Centre of Eastern Europe with respect.

Over the last few years the singer has released four albums, with a fifth in preparation. Now she will present the song Hora from Moldova at the 2009 Eurovision contest. The music was composed by Vyacheslav Daniljuk with lyrics by Andrey Gadzhiu and Nelly herself. 

Despite her youth, Nelly is the most authoritative singer in Moldova confirmed by the VIP award, offered every six years. In 2001 Nelly Ciobanu received the rank of Honoured Artist of Moldova. Since 2007, she has hosted one of the most popular TV music programs in Moldova Vedete La Bis .

Three years ago Nelly became a happy mum, and she dedicates her performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 to her small daughter who became for her the most important audience in the world.

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Lyrics of Hora Din Moldova

The official lyrics of Hora Din Moldova are not (yet) available.