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Mika Newton

In 2011 Ukraine will send one of its most popular artists, Mika Newton, to the Eurovision Song Contest. Extremely talented and brilliant Mika is called the Queen of Soundtracks, she sings in many Ukrainian and Russian films and TV series as well as in commercial videos of such products as Hubba-Bubba and others. Besides making her way up in vocal career, Mika Newton wants to become an actress. She has already starred in two films – Life By Surprise and Money For Daughter where she played a supporting role and a leading character respectively.

In 2010 Mika Newton celebrated 5 years of her career in the Ukrainian show biz. Her first vocal success happened at the age of 9 when Newton started her active participation in various regional and international vocal contests where she always got either the Grand Prix or was one of the prize winners.

After her victory in Black Sea Games 2002 international festival where she won a Grand Prix, Mika Newton signed her first agreement with a producer company. Her first single Anomaliya has hit number one on the record charts in Ukraine and Russia and got into rotation on MTV Russia. Newton’s presentation of the debut album took place at the Antonov Design Bureau in Kyiv. The stage was built under a wing of the world’s largest plane Mriya. 2000 guests were invited to the event and the hero of the occasion was cruising above the viewers in a little plane.

Between 2005 and 2008 the singer released three albums Anomaliya, Tyoplaya Reka and one English album which was recorded in a studio in Great Britain. Mika also released 9 music videos. When asked about her greatest achievement, Mika answers it was her recording work at the studio Metrophonic in London in 2006, partnership with the famous sound producer Brian Rowling and recording of her English album. This studio hosted at one time Enrique Iglesias, Cher and Toni Braxton and many others. Getting to know professionality of such level, Mika Newton considers her most valuable experience in life.

Mika Newton’s strife to work with world famous professionals in music industry and her willingness to master world tendencies in music brought the Ukrainian singer to Los Angeles where she got acquainted with the such legendary producers as Walter Afanasieff (the first producer of Mariah Carey and author of many hits by Michael Jackson, Lara Fabian, Celine Dion, among which My Heart Will Go On) and Randy Jackson (famous musician and producer of the American Pop Idol). Walter Afanasieff made a special mention of Mika’s vocals and offered her to work on new repertoire. He has already written two songs for the Ukrainian singer.

In the fall of 2010 (after the termination of her first 7-year contract) Mika Newton signed a new long-term agreement with her current producer Timophey Nahornyy.  Among Mika’s latest achievements was her victory in the Eurovision Song Contest National Selection (First National Channel), participation in the popular music show National Star (channel TRC Ukraine) and filming her tenth jubilee music video Angel. Also, in October 2010 Mika Newton was awarded with the title of the Woman Of The Third Millennium for her social and charitable work.

Music video

Lyrics of Angel

When you look into my eyes
World becomes a better place
And you know deep inside
Love is taking all the space
Baby, I love you... and you?

We are birds
We fly so high and we are falling down
When I dream of you
My dream is so fearless
We are people of the planet, we live human lives
We are angels, we're in danger, we are crystal white... crystal white

When you look into my eyes
Sun is touching mountain top
When you look into my eyes
It will never have to stop
Baby, I love you... and you?


Tu me regardes dans les yeux
Et le monde devient meilleur,
Tu sais bien, tu comprends mieux
Que l'amour remplit mon coeur.
Moi, je t'aime si fort... et toi ?

Refrain :

On vole libre dans le ciel comme les oiseaux blancs
Quand je rêve de toi, je peux monter vers les étoiles.
Dans cette vie tout le monde pense qu'on est vraiment les gens,
Mais on est les anges, ailes fragiles, âme de cristal... de cristal


Tu me regardes dans les yeux,
Le soleil dissipe les nuages.
Tu me regardes dans les yeux,
C'est un éternel voyage.
Moi, je vis pour toi... et toi ?