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Manizha performed 'Russian Woman' at the Russian national final for Eurovision 2021


Russian Woman

🇷🇺 Russia
Grand Final
Finished 9th
First Semi-Final
Finished 3rd
Russian Woman
Manizha Sanghin
Ori Avni, Ori Kaplan
Participant pronouns
Channel One Russia

Manizha’s style of art-pop mixes banging beats with social commentary and an uncompromising DIY ethos.

The Tajikistan-born artist not only writes her own music and lyrics, she also films, directs and edits her videos, creates her own visual content and commands her own collaborations. The commitment to creating her own art began when she started producing short films for instagram, and has led to sold out concerts in Moscow and St Petersburg.

As well as blending different languages (including her mother tongue, Tajik) in her songs, Manizha bakes in strong social messaging about self love and body positivity; women’s and children’s rights; as well as national, cultural and sexual identity; and above all else, tolerance.

In 2020, the singer was awarded a prize at the Berlin Music Video Awards for Nedoslavyanka. The song explores the challenges faced by immigrants - a subject Manizha is well versed in, as her family fled to Russia, to avoid the Civil War in Tajikistan.

Manizha is a UN Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and actively participates in many of the projects and activities the program runs in Russia.

Lyrics of Russian Woman

Поле поле поле Я ж мала Поле поле поле Так мала Как пройти по полю из огня Как пройти по полю если ты одна? А-а-а? Ждать ли чьей-то ручечки, ручки? А-а-а? Кто подаст мне ручку девочки? Из покон веков С ночи до утра С ночи-ночи Ждем мы корабля Ждем мы корабля Очень очень С ночи до утра Ждем мы корабля Ждем бы корабля А что ждать? Встала и пошла. Every Russian Woman Needs to know You're strong enough to bounce against the wall Шо там хорохорится? Ой, красавица? Ждешь своего юнца? Ой, красавица Тебе уж за 30 Ало? Где же дети? Ты в целом красива Но вот бы похудеть бы Надень подлиннее Надень покороче Росла без отца Делай то, что не хочешь Ты точно не хочешь? Не хочешь? А надо. Послушайте, правда. Мы с вами не стадо Вороны пщ-щ-щ пыщ-щ-щ Отвалите Теперь зарубите себе на носу Я вас не виню А себя я чертовски люблю Борются, борются Все по кругу борются Да не молятся Сын без отца Дочь без отца Но сломанной FAMILY Не сломать меня
Fields, fields, fields I’m so small Fields, fields, fields I’m too small How do You cross a field thru the fire? How do you cross the field if you’re alone? Heeeey? Should I wait for a helpful hand? Whaaat? Who will stretch out for me, girls? For ages now From night till dawn From the deepest of the night We are waiting for a ship A Sailing ship Waiting very much From night till dawn Waiting for a ship Waiting for a ship But what’s the wait? Stand up, let’s go! Every Russian Woman Needs to know You're strong enough to bounce against the wall What’s the rattling about? Hey, beauty! Are you waiting for your Prince? Hey, beauty! You’re 30! Hello? Where are your kids? You are cute overall But should lose some weight Wear something longer Wear something shorter Oh you grew up without a father? You should do what you don’t want to You sure you’d don’t want to? Don’t want to? You SHOULD! Listen up, really! We’re not a flock Hey, crows, shoo! Leave me alone (give me a break) Now learn it by heart: I don’t blame you a bit But damn do I like myself They just fight, always fight Go round and round to just fight But never pray Boy without a father Girl with no dad But this broken family Can’t break me

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