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The Highest Heights

First Semi-Final
Finished 14th
The Highest Heights
Adrian Sieber, Thomas Rechberger, Florian Senn, Lovebugs
Adrian Sieber, Thomas Rechberger, Florian Senn, Lovebugs
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Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft

Switzerland will be represented by one of the country's leading rock-bands: the Lovebugs! Having been extremely successful in their native country, they are now on their way to conquer the rest of Europe.

The Lovebugs are a phenomenon: the five artists have now been working together for 15 years, showing great persistence and even more talent for their music. Time and again they surprise and inspire, confirming their status while continuing to broaden their musical horizons. Atmospheric guitars and melancholic underlying themes, paired with a hypnotic, driving beat, are characteristic of their sound. The Lovebugs have played over 1,000 concerts throughout Europe, supported the Rolling Stones, and are regarded as one of Switzerland's most successful bands. After three number one albums, they now present The Highest Heights, their tenth album, produced by Richard Rainey (U2). The Lovebugs will be representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with the title track.

Lyrics of The Highest Heights

I climb a tree so mighty high I see the world just from beneath the sky the dreams I dream they take me high It’s always worth a try the time is now so stop the tease and may I have your attention please the time has come the curtains call will you catch me when I fall, from the highest heights of all? I climb this tree the highest heights from beneath the stars I see little lights the deams I dream demand their rights will you catch me when I fall from the highest heights? How will I ever know? I’ve always got to know Will you catch me? Will you catch me when I fall from the highest heights Will you catch me?