Taken By A Stranger

🇩🇪 Germany
Grand Final
Finished 10th
Taken By A Stranger
Written by
Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier, Monica Birkenes
Composed by
Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier, Monica Birkenes
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Norddeutscher Rundfunk

May 30th, 2010. It is 1 a.m., 20 minutes and 40 seconds when the fanfare of the ARD’s (the world’s largest public broadcaster) Tagesschau is heard and newsreader Jan Hofer greets the viewers: „Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! After 28 years Germany can finally celebrate another win at the Eurovision Song Contest. Lena Meyer-Landrut took the victory with her song Satellite. In Oslo, the 19-year-old clearly prevailed over all the other competitors from 24 countries. In 1982 Nicole was the last one to accomplish that with her song Ein Bisschen Frieden. 

In advance already tipped as the favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest, Lena finally became a rising star in the night of May 29th – far beyond Germany’s borders. With her winning song Satellite as well as with her debut album My Cassette Player she topped the international music charts, e.g. in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Ever since her phenomenal triumph in Norway, Lena’s life has changed completely. Interview and autograph requests from fans worldwide as well as concerts and award shows define her life nowadays. She can easily cope with her new life though. “Especially when I’m back home, I can relax without any problems. You surely develop your own techniques and tricks, but there are no real relax rituals,” she says.

In the meantime Lena’s trophy cabinet in her first own apartment in Cologne is filling up with awards quickly: SWR 3 (one of the biggest public radio stations in Germany) has decorated her as Newcomer Of The Year in 2010, she received two 1Live-Krone for “Best Single” and “Best Artist”, and the magazine Hörzu just awarded her the Goldene Kamera for Best Music Act National on February 5th, 2011.

Now Lena’s second studio album Good News has been released in Germany on February 8th topping the German charts as well as achieving Gold status in its first week.

“On Good News you can find the songs that I liked best out of a huge selection of songs and demo versions we had. They have been sent in by numerous German and international producers. Stefan Raab, the team and I sat together for hours listening to the songs. We started in September, by December we had the basic structure and we started recording everything,” Lena recalls.

The result is a multilayered sound and style spectrum sounding absolutely homogeneous. Up-tempo songs take turns with catchy ballads.

On the 18th of February the song to be performed in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest has been selected by the German TV audience: Taken By A Stranger. After the huge success of her 2010 Satellite and her album My Cassette Player, Lena will once again charm Europe with her latest effort.

Lyrics of Taken By A Stranger

She's got a knuckle in her eye He knows her cat call Can't escape from telling lies I heard her saying Hey mind if I take this chair Hey mind if i take this chair He drops a pause She looks annoyed But she's so mean he thinks she has to be the one Taken by a stranger Stranger things are starting to begin Lured into the danger Trip me up and spin me round again You got some coffee on your collar And you forgot to comb your hair But I can't wait till I do better You're here and I don't care I can't help it if you like it Cause I won't be here tomorrow No one ever told you that you wouldn't be rejected Taken by a stranger Stranger things are starting to begin Lured into the danger (Danger is a risky business) Trip me up and spin me round again Dip dip dada dada da Dip dip dada dada da Uh uh uh uh Nah nah nah nah nah Taken by a stranger Stranger things are starting to begin Lured into the danger (Danger is a risky business) Trip me up and spin me round again

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