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With Secret Combination, Kalomira will represent Greece at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest after winning the Greek national final in February.

Kalomira was born in New York on the 31st of January,  1985 by Greek parents. Since early childhood, Kalomira’s dream was to become a pop star! Kalomira participated in all extracurricular activities at school (such as drama productions, musicals, recreational events), which showcased her dancing skills as well as her passion for singing. She studied viola - her favorite musical instrument – for nine years, and was a member of the school orchestra. She won the second place at a music contest organized by WBLI Radio and participated as supporting actress in different live shows of famous American artists, such as Jessica Simpson, Ll Cool J and Jennifer Love Hewitt. At the age of 19 Kalomira left America and came to Greece to pursue her dream. She participated in the Greek TV talent show Fame Story 2. She instantly charmed the Greek audience with her innocence, sincerity and polite manners. Winning first place did not come as a surprise! Her first album, titled Kalomira, which included songs with both Greek and English lyrics, went gold and Kalomira was named 'New face of 2004'. Her popularity surpassed Greek borders, and during the Athens Olympic Games, she was interviewed for various TV-shows in NBC, as one out of ten most popular artists in Greece. In her second solo album Paizeis? Kalomira debuted as a song writer, composing the music and writing the lyrics for Just Want You To Want Me. On her third album, Kalomira Paei Cinema, Kalomira sang popular Greek cinema classics in a modern version.  Kalomira has worked next to well-known Greek artists, like Despoina Vandi, whom she accompanied on a tour around Greece and Cyprus, Stamatis Gonidis and Elli Kokkinou. The duet she sang with Dionysis Savopoulos, at the Herodium Ancient Theatre is one of the highlights of her career.

Kalomira has also been successful as a TV presenter in morning and prime-time shows, as well as an actress in TV series. Onthe 27th of February, 2008 over 60% of the Greek audience voted Kalomira to represent Greece at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

Live performance

Lyrics of Secret Combination

Can you see it?
Can you see it?
You have to discover me
What goes wrong when I am crying
Or what I want when I’m smiling

Can you feel it?
Can you feel it?
That I’m not a little girl
You’re misunderstanding my way
And all the roles that I like to play

My secret combination
It’s a mystery for you
Use your imagination
I’m not easy but I’m true
My secret combination
Boy you have to try it hard
To win a destination in the centre of my heart!

An open book,
An open book
Well, I’m sorry, I am not
Sometimes I’m acting like a lady
Sometimes woman, sometimes baby