Jüri Pootsmann


🇪🇪 Estonia
First Semi-Final
Finished 18th
Written by
Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas, Fred Krieger
Composed by
Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas, Fred Krieger
Estonian Public Broadcasting

The last twelve months have been a magical whirlwind for 21-year old Jüri Pootsmann. After singing solo for only three years, Jüri won the Estonia edition of Idol in 2015 which landed him a record deal with Universal Music. His status as Estonia’s new brilliant superstar was then cemented by being voted Best Male Act at the 2015 Estonian Music Awards.

Yes, unstoppable Jüri has become the brightest and beloved young artist in Estonia with support coming from the whole nation. Jüri’s deep and sultry tone lends itself to a variety of styles and he is unafraid to provide his signature bass-baritone to an array of genres from pop and soul to more modern electronic music. He recently formed his very own band and released his debut EP. For the self-confessed Eurovision fan it was a dream come true to be awarded the honour of representing his country at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Things to know about Jüri Pootsmann

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

  • Play was written by the same successful songwriting team who wrote Estonia's entry last year
  • The song was written especially for me
  • The song has a brassy, retro vibe which is really cool

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

  • I like to walk alone in nature, especially in Estonian forests
  • Nobody believes it, but when I was a child the tone of my voice was so high that I had to sing together with girls, not boys
  • I spent a year in Denmark as an exchange student, so I can speak fluent Danish

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

Before going on a stage I always try to find a quiet place and really relax myself and have positive thoughts in my head. I think it is very important to have your own space before an important performance, and this really works for me

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

Watching the Eurovision Song Contest has always been a tradition in my family! We have been watching it every year since I can remember. I was planning on coming to watch the show this year anyway, so it's so awesome that now I am actually in it. It really means so much to me that I can represent my country in Stockholm and have this amazing and unique experience. It is the biggest music event in the world and it might open so many new opportunities, which is very important for an artist.

About the composers

The writer and artist of last year’s Estonian entry Goodbye To Yesterday, Stig Rästa, leads the three-person production team behind this year’s entry Play. The song was written specifically for Jüri Pootsmann by Stig Rästa, Vallo Kikas and Fred Krieger. Together the trio also wrote and produced the debut solo album of Elina Born, who represented Estonia last year alongside Stig himself.

Lyrics of Play

It's getting late and be that as it may I turn to you I turn to you we might seem so obvious to me but not to you not to you we ain't got all night to find out what is right so let's go undecided till we know the only way to go is let your feelings show see all your walls come down and just hit play cause that's the only way to find out if it's love that we're fallin' we're fallin' into I didn't know what to do but now I’m good as new 'cause I'm stronger much stronger with you some might say it’s an ordinary day but not for me not for me if you feel your senses disagree bare with me bare with me we ain't got all night to find out what is right so let's go undecided till we know it's the only way to see if we were meant to be let all your walls come down and just hit play… some might say it’s an ordinary day but not for me not for me

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