Joci Pápai will represent Hungary at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Joci Pápai


🇭🇺 Hungary
Grand Final
Finished 8th
Second Semi-Final
Finished 2nd
Written by
József Pápai
Composed by
József Pápai
Magyar Televízió

Believer, fighter, singer, dreamer, father and Samurai – these are the many faces of Joci Papai, Hungary’s representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Music definitely runs in the family of Joci Papai as his father was the leader of a big gypsy orchestra. No wonder that at the age of four Joci chose the same path when he first picked up a guitar, an instrument he did not let go of ever since. Joci Papai could have become a professional sportsman as he was playing basketball from an early age, but eventually he decided to pursue his dreams as a musician. His road to fame, however, was not an easy one: coming from a poor family he struggled to get recognised in various talent shows.

Joci's breakthrough came in 2005 and after he released his first album and was featured in numerous top-charting singles as well. Recently Joci Papai reshaped his musical style, creating an exciting and unique blend of authentic gypsy music and modern pop. This can be heard in his entry for the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest entitled Origo.

Things you should know about Joci Papai

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

First, honesty. Second, the song is the summary of my life as everything in Origo is one hundred percent me. Third, this song is a blend of styles, it’s modern world music – electronic beats meet with Hungarian and gypsy styles, it’s an extraordinary yet finely balanced combination.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

I'm very proud of being an honest person. Though I’ve had my fair share of struggles, I’m very emotional and I’m filled with love to the brim. I got so much love from my parents and this is so important to me – I wouldn’t be able to write good songs without inner peace and balance and I am forever in debt to my parents for this. I hope to pass that profound love over to my children.

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

Yes, definitely! I’m very close to God and he’s very close to me. Therefore I can’t get on stage without saying prayer. I can actually feel God’s presence when he is there with me on the stage which is the most extraordinary feeling – when I’m there I see everything absolutely clear, it’s like being in a slow-motion scene.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

I love Hungary and the unique Hungarian music. I’m the first gypsy to proudly represent Hungary at the Eurovision Song Contest and I’m grateful for having so many people behind me.

Lyrics of Origo

Be kell csuknod a szemed Úgy láthatsz meg engemet Hogy meg hódítsad a szívem Ismerned kell lelkemet Ha nem kellek hadd menjek Hisz csavargónak születtem Kínlódtam már eleget De az isten lát engem, lát engem Jálomá lommá, jálomá lommá Jálomá lommá lomalom Jálomá lommá, jálomá nédinná Jálomá lommá, lomálom Mért hazudtad azt nekem Hogy nem számít a színem Tudtad barna a szemem Sosem változik bennem Nem kérek már belőled Menj el innen hagyj engem Ne is lássalak téged Átkozott légy örökre, örökre Jálomá lommá, jálomá lommá Jálomá lommá lomalom Jálomá lommá, jálomá nédinná Jálomá lommá, lomálom Engem 4 évesen megszólított az Isten Egy igazi fegyvert adott a kezembe Tudtam, csak ő vigyázhat rám Többet gyakoroltam vele mint, egy szamuráj Benne bízhatok, mindig az igazat mondja Vele sírhatok, de az utat mutatja Ez egy olyan szövetség ami marad örökké Fel nem áldozható, ő a legfőbb kincsem Sejtelmes erők laknak a gyerekbe Félnek tőle, látszik a szemekben A húrjaim támadnak, sírnak a testekbe Hiába is véded ki, méreg a hangszerbe Nagy tömegeket itattam át vele Hallod a dallamom, már tudod a nevemet! Hosszú az út, sebek a hátamon Ezrek könnyei folynak a gitáromon! Jálomá lommá, jálomá lommá Jálomá lommá lomalom Jálomá lommá, jálomá nédinná Jálomá lommá, lomálom

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