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Jeangu Macrooy

Jeangu’s musical journey began when he received a guitar from his parents for his 13th birthday. Together with his twin brother Xillan, he formed a musical duo. However, his artistic ambitions proved bigger than the scene in his native Suriname and so he moved to the Netherlands at the age of 20.

On arrival in Amsterdam, Jeangu enrolled in music college where he began collaborating with producer Perquisite. Before long, the Surinamese singer had released his debut album, High On You, and was nominated for an Edison Pop Award.

Jeangu believes there is no instruction manual for life, and by accepting that life consists of highs and lows, you make progress and get closer to who you are:

"Emotions, good and bad, are a universal language. I hope the song makes people feel a little less lonely in their search for happiness. I think that openness and honesty about how we really feel will ultimately bring us closer. I believe in the power of music to bring people together. It's the reason I do what I do."

Jeangu’s Eurovision entry, Birth Of A New Age, tells a story of resilience and the dawn of a new era. Besides English, Macrooy sings parts of the song in Sranan Tongo, a language of Suriname. These lyrics are inspired by an old Surinamese saying: ‘Mi Na Afu Sensi, No Wan Man E Broko Mi’, which literally means: ‘I’m half a cent, you can’t break me’.

Music video

Lyrics of Birth Of A New Age

Skin as rich as a starlit night
Your rhythm is rebellion
Deep currents running in the rivers of your eyes
Your rhythm is rebellion
They spat on your crown
And they poisoned your ground
Your rhythm is rebellion
They burned your heroes at the stake
But your voice will echo all their names
This ain’t the end, no!
It’s the birth of a new age

Yu no man broko mi

Soul blazing like a hurricane
Your rhythm is rebellion
Spirit roaring wild like untamed flames
Your rhythm is rebellion
They buried your gods
They imprisoned your thoughts
Your rhythm is rebellion
They tried to drain you of your faith
But you are the rage that melts the chains
This ain’t the end, no!
It’s the birth of a new age

We are the fruit
Adorning the legacy
Of every forgotten revolutionary
Born in resilience
Proud like a lion
We are the birth of a new age

Yu no man broko mi
Mi na afu sensi