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Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea

Croatia will be represented by a duo of young singers Igor Cukrov and Andrea Šušnjara. Both are students at university and have been involved with music for a while.

Igor Cukrovl

24-year-old Igor Cukrov from Šibenik, whose family moved to Split when he was only two years old, had dreamt about becoming a priest at one period of his childhood. Today he is in the third year student of Theology in Split.

“I’ve decided to enter this university because philosophy was my favourite subject when in the high school. Beside that, I’m a fervent believer. A few years ago I had been even reflecting about becoming a priest, but my desire to sing was stronger,” said Igor and added that these studies fulfil him completely.

His performance at the Split Music Festival in 2007 with the song Duša Mi Je Bili Kamen was crucial for his decision to dedicate to singing. He also won the Best Debutant Award there. Igor sang the first tenor in the Dalmatian vocal ensemble Cambi. He plays several music instruments: guitar, piano, trumpet and clarinet and his favourite music genres are pop and rock.

When he participated in the biggest regional competition, Operacija Trijumf, he became the public’s favourite and went all the way to the finals. Fascinated by his charisma and vocal capacities, Tonči Huljić offered him collaboration. Thus Cukrov had left the competition and applied for Dora with the song Beautiful Tena which he won.

Andrea Šušnjara

Andrea Šušnjara was born 26 February 1987 in Split. At the age of three, she discovered music and since then she has had only one goal – to become a singer.

Apart from regular elementary school, she went to music elementary music school where she had been practicing the piano for six years. She went to linguistic high school and solo singing lessons later on.

In 2004 she made her debut at the Dora with the song Noah, where she scored first in the semi-finals, while in the finals she placed second.

The same year she debuted at the Split Music Festival with the song Kad Zažmirim and won the Best Debutant Award.

In 2005 Andrea went to Dora with the song Ljudi S Mora and won the fourth place.

The same year, Andrea made an aria and an introduction theme for the first Croatian soap opera Villa Maria and appeared in albums of foreign musicians: the group Bond and the Russian violoncellist Ksenija. Due to her regular education at the Faculty of Philosophy and the studies of opera singing, Andrea was not present for a while at the Croatian music scene. However, Tonči Huljić invited her and she accepted to appear as a guest in Igor Cukrov’a song Beautiful Tena. Her charisma and fabulous vocal interpretation surely contributed to Igor Cukrov’s triumph at the Dora this year.

Music video

Lyrics of Lijepa Tena

Bio sam oblak lebdio
Ni sunca nisam vidio
Tebe čekao
Bog te je meni poslao
Od srca otkinuo svog
Da bi živio
I čekao da ti meni daš
Čudo ljubavi


I draga i draga
Suze u pamuk pretvaraš
umorne oči odmaraš

I lijepa i sveta
Vodu u vino pretvaraš
Ti se moliš za sve nas
Tena , Tena