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Hotel FM

During the five years of existence, Hotel FM attracted several exquisite young musicians but the actual band is represented by David Bryan (lead singer), Gabriel Băruţa (composer, piano and backing vocals) and Alex Szuz (drums). 

The Hotel FM story began in 2005, when the Romanian composer Gabriel Băruţa recruited a few very talented musicians from his hometown Oradea to create a new sound, a modern pop-rock feel based on melody and innovation, specific to the songs he wrote. 

The band has played many concerts in cities of Romania and Germany and released a promotional CD in the spring of 2006. In 2010, Hotel FM competed for the first time in the Romanian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Come As One, a ballad with a strong eco message and complex vocal harmonies - and got on the fourth place. 

Their second try - in the 2011 national selection - proved to be a success and as in Cinderella story, the three boys from Hotel FM won the honour of representing Romania on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Düsseldorf, while other huge  artists still dream about it ...  

The secret of Hotel FM success seems to be the boys' simplicity, honesty and talent. Without having studies or degrees in music, Gabriel, David and Alex managed to win the hearts of both specialists and large public from Romania. 

Currently, besides preparing for the Düsseldorf contest, the three members of Hotel FM are continuing their exciting side-projects: David, as a true British guy living in Romania, is recording Shakespeare's sonnets on the music of Florian Chelu Madeva (Rock Filarmonica Oradea) and plays with the only Pink Floyd tribute band in Romania, Speak Floyd. 

Gabriel is writing songs for talented children and has recently opened a brand new studio in Bucharest (beside the one in Oradea), while Alex is preparing for the last year exams in the University of Architecture in Oradea and fights to find some time to join and play drums with his friends from many other bands.

Music video

Lyrics of Change

You think you’ve got the time to figure it out
Life will pass you by,
Your time is running out, oh yeah

You’re haunted by your troubles everyday
Wastin’ smiles away,
What’s there left to say?

You gotta make believe
And make your dreams come true
It ain’t that hard to do…

Chorus x 2:
I can’t change, I can’t change the world alone
I need you all, everybody,
Start dreamin’ of it
Take a step that’s gonna make a difference and change your world

Strangers’ faces that you just wanna hide
Won’t you turn the tide?
A smile can change it all


Chorus x 2