Hooverphonic will represent Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song The Wrong Place


The Wrong Place

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The Wrong Place
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For the past 25 years, Belgian band Hooverphonic has blurred the lines between symphonic soundscapes and highly infectious pop tunes. Never one to place all of his eggs in one basket, frontman Alex Callier has always strived to deliver quality songs, sung by the best singers in the business.

Lead singer Geike Arnaert has returned to Hooverphonic. The 41-year-old singer was already a part of the band from 1997 to 2008. Exactly 20 years after the release of Hooverphonic’s album “The Magnificent Tree” and in advance to their upcoming participation at the Eurovision Song Contest they felt it was the right time for a reunion.

Alex Callier, member of the band, said: “All three of us felt an urge to start working again. We are still the ‘core of Hooverphonic’ which is for a lot of people the main setup of the band”

The band's work has been put to good use in television series, commercials and movies around the globe, and songs like Mad About You, Vinegar & Salt, Eden and Romantic have become cornerstones of Belgium's musical heritage. In 2020, the band celebrates the 20th anniversary of their landmark album The Magnificent Tree.

Lyrics of The Wrong Place

The official lyrics of The Wrong Place are not (yet) available.