Harel Skaat


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Grand Final
Finished 14th
Second Semi-Final
Finished 8th
Written by
Noam Horev
Composed by
Tomer Adaddi
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Harel Skaat was just 5 years old when his kindergarten teacher noticed that little Harel had a unique vocal ability. At the age of 6, he participated in his first contest and won the first place. Winning the competition opened the doors to the entertainment world for the young Harel, and he participated in popular television shows and accompanied well-known singers on stage and in the studio.

Fast forward to 2004: Harel was in his second year of his studies when he was accepted into the second season of A Star Is Born (the Israel equivalent of American Idol) and was immediately a clear favorite for winning, receiving the highest number of votes during all stages of the show with his performances and inspiring vocal abilities. At the season finale, Harel came second, a result which sparked a heated debate in Israel. In 2006, Harel released his first self-titled album which achieved gold album status after 3 weeks and later reached platinum.The debut album, which included ten songs, yielded five chart-leading hits, including And You, which was at the top of the charts for 7 weeks on all national radio stations. Concurrently, Harel embarked on an extensive, high-profile tour, which included more than 200 shows in concert halls all over Israel. The shows were a huge success, selling out at every venue, an achievement previously reserved for veteran artists only.

Harel Skaat launched his second album Figures in 2009 which achieved gold status quickly and was accompanied by a large-scale online interactive campaign. Furthermore, in the large-scale Song Of The Decade awards on Israeli TV, Harel garnered an impressive second place.

Lyrics of Milim

שוב העצב כאן שוב הפחד קם והסוף נרקם בחלוני זגוגית סדוקה ושוב שתיקה מותשת וזרוקה בדמיוני האור נרדם דמעות של דם שורפות לי בגרון ידית שרוטה תקרה שמוטה כשאני שר לך את השיר האחרון השארת לי רק מילים מקלט בין הצללים ספרים מסודרים ובין החדרים השארת לי רק מילים זר של מנעולים אלוהים, השארת לי רק מילים קירות שותקים עכשיו ומה לקחת כשברחת כן, מה לקחת במלחמה הזאת אולי ניצחת ומה נשאר לי כשהלכת? השארת לי רק מילים מקלט בין הצללים ספרים מסודרים ובין החדרים השארת לי רק מילים זר של מנעולים אלוהים, השארת לי רק מילים וגם לקרח קר כשאני נזכר איך את היום מולו מוארת בצילו נשברת בשבילו את המילים שהשארת לי את עכשיו אומרת לו

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