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Gina G

Ooh...Aah...Just A Little Bit

Finished 8th
Ooh...Aah...Just A Little Bit
Simon Tauber
Steve Rodway
British Broadcasting Corporation

Gina G was born as Gina Gardiner on the 3rd of August 1970 on Queensland, Australia. In the late 80s she moved to Melbourne where she worked as a DJ before joining the influential dance group "Bass Culture". She then moved to England and ended up representing the UK at the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest.

Gina G's success story started with her participation in the UK's Song for Europe competition, called "The Great British Song Contest 1996", which she won, thereby becoming the UK's entry in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Ooh...Aah... Just a Little Bit.

The song peaked at #1 on the UK Singles Chart and was also successful around Europe and in the US, reaching #12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and getting nominated for a Grammy in the Best Dance Recording category in 1998. Her debut album Fresh! was filled with hit singles like the title track, I Belong To You, or Ti Amo but following this, she disappeared from the music industry for several years.

In 2005, Gina G attempted to represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest again with her song Flashback. Gina G now lives in the United States and has two children.

The composer

Steve Rodway, born in Cambridgeshire, also known under the alias Motiv8, is a British Electronic dance music record producer, songwriter, remixer and sound engineer. While known for many remixes, including those produced for Erasure, Spice Girls, The Doobie Brothers, Robert Palmer, Saint Etienne, Pulp, Dubstar and Pet Shop Boys, as well as his own singles such as Rockin' for Myself, his highest-profile work was composing and producing the song Ooh...Aah... Just A Little Bit.

Lyrics of Ooh...Aah...Just A Little Bit

You're my love you're my sweetest thing Don't shy away Don't shy away Every night makes me hate the days Can't get enough of your love Am I wrong am I so unkind Show me the way Don't turn away I can't hide all these thoughts in my mind (ooohh) Every moment I'm just thinking of you CHORUS: Ooh aah Just a little bit Ooh aah A little bit more Ooh aah Just a little bit You know what I'm looking for Ooh aah Just a little bit Ooh aah A little bit more Ooh aah Just a little bit I'll give you love you can't ignore Feeling good Let's go all the way It's got to be Set me free But tonight let my body say Take it slow Don't let it go How can I prove my love for you Baby please You're all I need Like a child but it's more than a phase (ooohh) Could act the angel But it wouldn't be true CHORUS What can you do for me Ooh what can you do Cause I feel so alive I feel your love inside Oooh oh Just a little bit Little bit more Just a little bit Just a little Just a little bit Little bit more Just a little bit (Wooooo) CHORUS x 2