Face The Shadow

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Grand Final
Finished 16th
First Semi-Final
Finished 7th
Face The Shadow
Inna Mkrtchyan
Armen Martirosyan
Hayastani Hanrayin herrustaynkerut’yun

Genealogy consists of six singers who were internally selected by the Public Television of Armenia to sing Face The Shadow in Vienna, a powerful anthem about peace, unity, and love.

Genealogy is "Building Bridges", as the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest slogan says, between the five continents of the world and the Republic of Armenia. The group consists of Essaï Altounian from Europe, Tamar Kaprelian from America, Stephanie Topalian from Asia, Vahe Tilbian from Africa, Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian from Australia, and Inga Arshakyan from Armenia. They are united by the blood in their veins, which contains Armenian genetics, and by music as the universal language of the world.

The creative team of AMPTV internally selected the song Face The Shadow composed by Armen Martirosyan and lyricist Inna Mkrtchyan, a song about universal values. Its message is one - “Happiness is born when people are united and live in harmony with themselves, their families, love relationships and so on. Generations are shifting with time but the genealogy remains, thus the values of love and peace are stable.

Things you should know about Genealogy

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

  1. Mary-Jean has citizenship from Australia, Greece and the USA
  2. Inga is the only Armenian artist so far that takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time
  3. Fans were discussing Tamar’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest years ago very actively on social media.

2. What are the three most impressive facts about you?

  1. Vahe can speak five languages - Armenian, English, Amharic, Italian and French
  2. Stephanie tested her love towards walking and walked 12 hours around Tokyo in one day
  3. Essai composed his first song at the age of 12

3. Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

We hold hands and say random Armenian words.

4. Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

We are representing Armenia, our motherland - what could be more exiting and important?!

Lyrics of Face The Shadow

We find so many ways fooling our heart Playing too many games trying to hide When you follow a dream, surrender the sorrow inside Face every shadow you denied Feels like so many times life was unfair Will you run and forget all the despair? If it’s breaking you down, remember the power inside Face every shadow you denied Time is ticking and you keep thinking that you are tricking your heart, so Chorus: Don’t deny Ever don’t deny Baby don’t deny You and I Cross the ocean of blues, happy you'll be Оnce you’ve risen you are meant to be free When you're feeling afraid remember there's hope inside Face every shadow purified Time is ticking and you keep thinking that you are tricking your heart,so Chorus: Don’t deny Ever don’t deny Listen don’t deny (I don’t want to deny) You and I Chorus: Don’t deny Ever don’t deny Listen don’t deny Don't deny you and I