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Gåte had their breakthrough at the start of the 2000s and quickly went on to become something of a national treasure in Norway.

Their unique combination of traditional Norwegian folk music and explosive rock lifted them out of the rehearsal basement and onto some of the world’s biggest stages.

During this period, Gåte sold more than 100,000 albums, went straight to the top of the VG-lista chart and won the Spellemann Award 2002 for Best Newcomer.

The critically acclaimed band took a 12-year break before making a long-awaited return in 2017. Since then, Gåte has delivered concerts and new music to some fantastic reception and widespread acclaim.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Ulveham

Eg var meg så ven og fager ei møy
Med stimoder vond, mi moder ho døy

Ho skapte meg om til eit svær og ei nål
Og sende meg av ti kongens gård

Og vreida mi stimoder kjende mest
Når alle dei gillaste lika meg best

Ho gav meg ein ham som ulve grå
Ho svor meg til einsam i skogjen gå

Og aldri blir eg heil og god
Før eg fær drukkje min broders blod
I was a very fine and beautiful maiden
With an evil stepmother. My mother had died.

She transformed me into a sword and a needle
And sent me off to the King’s estate.

The wrath of my stepmother grew
When all the fine people loved me most.

She gave me the hide of a grey wolf
And forced me to go into the woods alone.

And I would never be whole and good
Before I had drunk of my brother’s blood.