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Gabriela Gunčíková

Gabriela Gunčíková was internally selected by a jury of experts to represent the Czech Republic in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest among a field of more than 40 entries. She is a singer who has great experience from abroad behind her and who, above all, possesses an amazing vocal range. Her song for Stockholm, I Stand, was written by an international team: Christian Schneider, Aidan O'Connor, and Sara Biglert.

Gabriela Gunčíková was born on 27 June 1993 in Kroměříž, Czech Republic. She was a finalist in the second season of SuperStar and won the "New Artist" award at the 2011 Český Slavík awards.

She made two albums and played over a hundred concerts around the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2013 she has decided to improve her singing so she contacted one of the most famous coaches in the world, Ken Tamplin, and went to study singing in California. Gabriela has become the face of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, as one of the best students with a voice at the global level.

The result of their cooperation has been found by Paul O'Neill from the American band Trans-Siberian Orchestra - and that is how Gabriela has become one of the singes of this band. She performed with them on two tours and about 120 shows around the USA. 

Now she decided to go in the direction of her solo career.

Things to know about Gabriela Gunčíková

What are the most interesting aspects about your entry?

After a while I am coming back to my homevcountry to represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest. This is like a completely new journey and level for me because I always wanted to sing a "big movie" soundtrack. I am coming to learn about different cultures, countries and their traditions.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

  1. I respect ethical values in life
  2. I believe that we are more than just a body
  3. I want to make music to inspire others

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

I usually look around myself and observe objects that surround me, it always calms me down and reduces a stress.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

It is amazing opportunity to represent my country and also introduce myself and my vision to the audience and make them feel better and entertain them.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of I Stand

I’ve worn the path
I’ve hit the wall
I’m the one who rose and fall
I’ve played my heart
When I played the part
But it got me through the rain
I have felt the strain
I’ve made mistakes
With the monsters in my head
But in the end
You’re standing there
You’re the one who always cares

Cause I stand
I stand
I am standing here
Just because of you
Every part of me is a part of you
I stand

I’m standing tall
I can hold it all
Now I see where I belong
The choice I made
Helped me understand
Now this life is mine to play
I am thanking you, you made me
You are my air
I’ll always care!

I stand...

You never lose hold of me
You always trust and you see
I stand
I stand.