Fusedmarc will represent Lithuania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.


Rain Of Revolution

🇱🇹 Lithuania
Second Semi-Final
Finished 17th
Rain Of Revolution
Written by
Denis Zujev, Michail Levin
Composed by
Denis Zujev, Viktoria Ivanovskaja, Michail Levin
Lietuvos Nacionalinis Radijas ir Televizija

Fusedmarc will represent Lithuania in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Rain of Revolution. 

Fusedmarc are said to have raised the standard for Lithuanian music to a European level immediately after their appearance in 2004. In 2005 they were called the Breakthrough of the Lithuanian Alternative scene and in 2007 Fusedmarc were acclaimed as the Best Experimental music band. In 2008 they won the award for Best Lithuanian Electronic Band. 

Today the band has developed its own style and is certainly an indicator for new music creators. The work of Fusedmarc is not an experiment but a fusion of maturity, true emotions, and inspiring energy. Every concert is a unique experience, a no-compromise combination of different musical genres, bold arrangements, unpredictable vocal explosions and huge live energy.

For the last decade Fusedmarc were the main representative of Lithuanian contemporary music abroad. Besides the Baltic countries, the band performed in Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Greece and the Czech Republic.

Lyrics of Rain Of Revolution

Life like roller coaster Spinning me around Breathing getting faster When i'm upside down Changes striking through me With a speed of sound There's no need in green light Nothing stops me now Making a start making a start making a start And let the light shine through me Figuring out meaning of love Breaking the rational views and narrow limits Now i'm getting closer to you Feel the rain of Revolution Now i'm getting closer to you There's no time for your illusions (now) Looking for the reasons I'm still on the road If i gotta stop and choose yeah yeah Feel i’m gonna travel again Making a start making a start Making a start and let the light shine through me Dance to the Rhythm of the soul / of your soul (X 8) Now i'm getting closer to you Feel the rain of Revolution Now i'm getting closer to you There's no time for your illusion (now)

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