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Firelight is a relatively new Maltese country folk pop band formed in June 2013. The driving force of Firelight is Richard Edwards. He’s the lead singer, author and composer.

Richard is 31. Music is in his blood. His father is a well-known singer in Malta and just about all his family are entertainers. Richard plays the Appalachian mountain dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and percussion. He is joined in Firelight by his sister, Michelle Mifsud, on the piano, and brothers Wayne William, as backing vocalist, and Daniel Micallef on the acoustic guitar. Additional band members are Tony Polidano, on the upright bass, and Leslie Decesare on the drums and harmonica.

In 2005, Richard took a step away from home to venture in the UK music industry. While in the UK he got the chance to perform alongside Leona Lewis, Ray Quinn and other X Factor contestants. He got the thumbs up from the legendary Simon Cowell on the judge’s panel and made it to the final 80. Later Richard joined a British rock band called Cast Away. His role in the band was playing the bass and vocals. He spent time touring many places across the south east of England.

Richard returned to Malta in 2009. He has co-produced a number of singles with his brother, Wayne William. His music made it to the local charts hitting the top spot for a number of weeks. Richard entered the Malta Eurovision Song Contest in 2003 and 2005 as part of the group The Mics. Since 2010, Richard took part as Richard Edwards and came as close as the runner up in 2011 with the song Finally.

Poignant song

Firelight’s song Coming Home is a mix of pop, rock and folk rolled into one. Richard believes people will be able to relate to Coming Home in many different situations and thinks it should be especially poignant for the thousands of emigrants who travel across Europe for work, spending months away from their families.

The new album by Firelight is also called Coming Home. The album contains nine new songs. All the songs on the album are a collective effort, representing band members’ inspirations and ideas.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Coming Home

Freedom of life, I will express my soul
Look me in the eye and electrify my bones
I ain’t gonna leave until you know my name
Stepping out of the shell, now don’t you step in my way
Build another wall and watch it crumble by your side

I’m coming home

I’m not holding back no I ain’t wasting time
If you want me near then you must come for the ride
If your sky will fall, I’ll shelter you from the rain
There’s not a cloud in the sky that can come in the way
Roaming through fields, I’m trying to find this new land
It’s only Because I’m here , I’m finding gold in my hands

I’m coming home
I'm coming home

Trying to build up the words to say what you mean to me
Gonna open your eyes and let you know what I mean

Ohh aaahhh
Ohh aaahhh

Gonna take on this journey feel the light getting warm
Find the strength I’ve been searching keep the beat going strong
Keep the gloves on for fighting don’t you knock on my door
Yeah the spirits alive I’m on the road coming home.

I’m coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Rentrer chez moi «Coming Home» – Firelight
Malte - Eurovision Song Contest 2014

Couplet 1
Liberté de vie, j'exprimerai mon âme
Regarde-moi dans les yeux, électrifie mes os
Je ne partirais pas avant que tu saches mon nom
Sortant de l’enveloppe, viens-tu vers moi

Construit un autre mur et regarde le s’effondrer à tes côtés

Je rentre chez moi x1

Couplet 2
Je ne peux me retenir, je ne veux pas perdre de temps
Si tu me veux à tes côtés alors viens te promener
Si ton ciel s’effondre, je t’abriterai de la pluie
Il n’est de nuage dans le ciel qui puisse entrer par ici

En errant par les champs, j'essaye de trouver cette nouvelle terre
C’est parce que je suis ici, je trouve de l’or dans mes mains

Je rentre chez moi x2

J’essaie de bâtir les mots pour dire ce que tu représentes pour moi
Je vais t’ouvrir les yeux, te laisser savoir la portée de mes pensées
Ohh aaahhh x3

Je vais faire ce voyage, sentir la lumière se réchauffer
Trouve la force que je cherchais, son battement s’intensifiant
Garde les gants pour le combat, veux-tu me trouver
Les esprits sont là, je suis sur la route, je rentre chez moi
Je rentre chez moi x4