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La Mia Città
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Emma Marrone
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Emma Marrone
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Music has always been an immediate need in Emma’s life. "Like drinking, sleeping, eating, I can’t help it," she wrote in her essay for high school final examination. She’s been dedicating herself to the music since the beginning, following her father’s band gigs, starting to get on stage singing great Italian singers standards like Mina’s, until she became Italy's top female vocalist.

The beginnings

In the early 2000, music scene in Salento - a geographic area located in the south east of Italy - was in great turmoil: Negramaro, EMMA attended that scene during those years. A series of circumstances led her to Rome, where she attended and passed the first selection of the auditions of the most famous Italian talent show Amici. EMMA then won the Amici 2010 edition, and released her first album entitled Oltre. The album reached #1 in the album charts and on iTunes and immediately established another record entering directly at # 1 in the sales charts of the year.

A successful career

During the summer of 2010 she was on tour while already working on a new studio album A me piace così, released on October 2010. The album was a step forward in her artistic growth that revealed a complete artist, a twelve tracks album written by various authors with surprising arrangements that talked to an entire generation of boys and girls. In February, she attended together with the Italian band Modà, the Sanremo Festival 2011 edition with the song Arriverà which became a major hit. The track was included in the A me piace così Sanremo Edition and reached the platinum status at the end of the same month. On May 29th, 2011 she was asked to open the 2010-2011 Italian Cup final at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome singing the Italian national anthem. Beside the intense recording studio activity she embarked on a new tour. Before her tour started EMMA opened for 3 Gianna Nannini and two Vasco Rossi gigs at San Siro Stadium. The same year she has been awarded at the Wind Music Awards 2011 for the A me piace così double platinum and for the multiplatinum digital sales of Arriverà with Modà.

On September 20th, she released the new album Sarò Libera, 13 unreleased tracks with a peculiar emotional tension, produced by two great name of the Italian music scene, Dado Parisini and Celso Valli. The album went straight to the first position in the Italian sales chart and in few weeks was gold. Sarò libera clearly showed EMMA vocal and artistic growth: in the album she talked about sensitive topics ranging from the modern plague of anorexia (Acqua e Ghiaccio), self-affirmation (Non solo te), stories of love and life experiences as in Tra passione e lacrime,Senza averti mai, Protagonista, Cercavo Amore. In 2012 she attended and wins Sanremo Festival 62th edition with the song Non è l’inferno. After a while the Sanremo edition of the album is certified double platinum and for this reason then awarded at the Wind Music Awards. The single Cercavo Amore became one of 2012 summer hits and the tour, started in July and ended in December, always sold out with gigs attended by over 160,000 spectators.

Schiena and La Mia Città

The year 2013 has been very busy for the recording of Schiena, the new solo album released on April 9th, anticipated on March 22nd , by the single Amami which sees Emma both as lyrics and music writer. Coming back from a tour of 46 dates with over 170,000 tickets sold, Emma is now back with eleven new songs that represent a real artistic renaissance marked by strong feel of determination beside a sensual femininity. For this album she worked together with established writers but especially with young upcoming ones, but also with Mylious Johnson, former drummer of international music stars (Madonna and Pink) and Brando, producer of the album. A few months later Emma goes on tour with the “Schiena Tour”, with 15 concerts in the biggest Italian arenas, collecting an incredible success of public and critics. November 15th, 2013, is the release date for Schiena vs Schiena, a new edition of the album containing two cds: the original version with the addition of a brand new track written by Emma herself called La Mia Città and a second cd with all the tracks re-arranged in a semi-acoustic version.

In January 2014 Emma was announced as the Italian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Copenhagen on May 10th, where Emma will present the song La Mia Città. While waiting for the “Limited Edition Tour”, which will start on July 7th from the prestigious location of the Arena di Verona, Emma is currently working on the Spanish version of the album and on the international promotion of Schiena, which is expected to be released in the rest of Europe during the year.

Lyrics of La Mia Città

Odio andare di fretta, i rumori, la nebbia, il tempo appeso di questa città Odio le scarpe col tacco, che incastro distratta nei tombini invadenti di questa città Odio me stessa allo specchio non per il difetto, ma per stupidità Amo restare in giro sapendo di tornare sempre in questa città E dimmi se c’è un senso al tempo, al mio vagare inutile, e dimmi se c’è davvero una meta o dovrò correre per la felicità. E corro corro avanti e torno indietro scappo, voglio, prendo e tremo stringo forte il tuo respiro e penso a me che non ho un freno spingo forte e non ti temo voglio tutto voglio te…voglio te, voglio te Amo il traffico in centro, parcheggiare distratta, il tuo sorriso, la mia instabilità Amo fare l’offesa senza neanche una scusa fare pace la sera, spegni la città E amo me stessa per questo per egocentrismo, senza razionalità Amo prenderti in giro sapendo di tornare sempre, nella mia città E dimmi se c’è un senso al tempo, al mio vagare inutile, e dimmi se c’è davvero una meta, o dovrò correre per la felicità E corro corro Avanti e torno indietro, scappo voglio prendo e tremo, stringo forte il tuo respiro e penso a me che non ho un freno spingo forte e non ti temo, voglio tutto, voglio te voglio te, voglio te, voglio te. E dimmi se lo vuoi E dimmi che non sei Soltanto un riflesso confuso che guardo sul fondo di noi E corro corro Avanti e torno indietro, scappo voglio prendo e tremo, stringo forte il tuo respiro e penso a me che non ho un freno spingo forte non ti temo, voglio tutto voglio te, voglio te, voglio te, voglio te, voglio te.

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