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Elina Born & Stig Rästa

Goodbye To Yesterday

🇪🇪 Estonia
Grand Final
Finished 7th
First Semi-Final
Finished 3rd
Goodbye To Yesterday
Stig Rästa
Stig Rästa
Estonian Public Broadcasting

Opposites attract... Elina is a temperamental small town girl who enjoys city life and would like to travel to Africa to pet giraffes. The even-tempered Stig would rather go to Antarctica. Unlike Elina, he grew up in the challenging side of the city. But today he would rather live in the countryside, where he can write music in peace.

Three years ago Estonia's hottest songwriter Stig stumbled across a young girl's video on YouTube, where she was singing Christina Aguilera's song Cruz. It was Elina. "I was completely charmed by her musicality", remarks Stig.

Elina was at school when a message from the famous songwriter blipped into her inbox on Facebook. "To be honest, I started crying. It took me a couple of days to gather the courage to write back," Elina recalls.

The rest is history. 79% can't be wrong. That was the huge win that Estonian voters handed Goodbye to Yesterday. The same song that waited for years in Stig's drawer for just the right moment and just the right partner.

What else would you need to know about them?

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

  • Stig discovered Elina on YouTube.
  • Stig himself rarely sings. Usually he just writes songs for other artists or for the band where he plays guitar.
  • Goodbye to Yesterday is Stig's fifth attempt to get to Eurovision with a song he wrote himself. He has been runner-up twice before.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

  • 79% of the votes cast in Estonia were for this song. No other song in the history of the Estonian song contest has ever won by such a wide margin.
  • Stig is the hottest songwriter in Estonia today. Last year's biggest hits were produced by his team. Also, Stig's production house is responsible for the managing and writing music for the Estonian Pop Idol finalists.
  • Elina is also a surprisingly skillful rapper, though the public isn't really aware of it. Yet...

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

Elina needs a few minutes of complete silence before going on stage and Stig thinks about the first note.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

180 million viewers is a dream audience for every artist and a songwriter. We are extremely proud and happy to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Lyrics of Goodbye To Yesterday

I woke up at 6 a.m. my eyes were closed but my mind was awake pretended I was breathing in a deep sleep pace got dressed so quietly I was frozen by the jingle of my keys at the door as I got outside I smiled to the dog I didn’t wanna wake you up my love was never gonna be enough so I took my things and got out of your way now girl why didn’t you wake me up I’m pretty sure i would have told you to stop lets try again and say goodbye goodbye to yesterday why would you think like that yeah we fight a lot but in the end you and I we’re a perfect match I wouldn’t want it any other way but now you're gone and I’m all alone lying here naked and staring at the phone
Adieu à hier Je me suis réveillé à six heures du matin Mes yeux étaient fermés mais mon esprit conscient Je feignais la respiration d’un sommeil profond Je me suis habillé en silence totale Le cliquetis de mes clés à la porte m’a fait figer Sorti, j’ai souri au chien Je n’ai pas voulu te réveiller Mon amour n’aurait jamais suffi J’ai donc pris mes affaires et je me suis écarté, ma petite Pourquoi tu ne m’as pas réveillée ? Je t’aurais certainement dit de t’arrêter Laisse-nous essayer de nouveau et dire adieu Adieu à hier Pourquoi penserais-tu comme ça ? Bon, on bagarre assez mais à la fin Toi et moi, on est parfait ensemble Je ne voudrais rien d’autre Mais tu es donc parti et je suis restée toute seule Allongée nue à regarder mon téléphone