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Eleni Foureira

Eleni Foureira will represent Cyprus at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Fuego'.

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Eleni Foureira was born in 1987 in Albania and is a pop singer and actress. She started her solo career in 2010 with the release of her first album. Dubbed the 'Queen of Pop', the singer has had several successes in both Greece and Cyprus.

Eleni's song Chica Bomb, a collaboration with Dan Balan, became a summer hit in 2010. In 2014 Eleni appeared at the Mad Video Music Awards alongside J Balvin, singer of the hit Tranquila, which is about to surpass 100,000,000 views on YouTube.  

In recent years Eleni has released singles in both Greek and English and in 2017 scored a new international hit with the song Send For Me, a collaboration with successful producer and rapper A.M. SNiPE. 

In addition to her musical career, Eleni has also been a judge on the Greek version of So You Think You Can Dance. She has also toured extensively in the Balkans and worked in the fashion industry. Her performance at the 2014 edition of the MAD Video Music Awards received over 11 million views on YouTube.

About the song writers and composers

Eleni Foureira's entry for Eurovision 2018, Fuego, was written by Alex Papaconstantinou, Geraldo Sandell, Anderz Wrethov, Viktor Svensson and Didrick. The staging of the entry has been assigned to the internationally acclaimed artistic director and choreographer Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who has extensive experience at the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Alex Papaconstantinou aka Alex P is a Swedish-Greek songwriter and producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. After being in the business for over 20 years, Alex has written songs for artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony including his number one hit Vivir Mi Vida. He is also a part of the successful music collective VAX. This is the fourth time Alex is participating in the Eurovision Song Contest. His previous entries include Always (Azerbaijan 2009), Yassou Maria (Greece 2007) and La La Love (Cyprus 2012). 

Geraldo Sandell aka Teddy Sky is a Brazilian-Swedish songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. He’s part of music collective VAX and the writer behind songs like On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez, and Don’t Worry by Madcon. 

Anderz Wrethov is a multi-platinum songwriter and producer from Sweden. After graduating at the age of 22 from the Academy of Music, where Wrethov had studied guitar, piano and song, he got his first breakthrough as a producer and songwriter. Wrethov began his international career with several hit songs in Scandinavia, UK and Germany as a result. Later he established his name in Japan and South Korea by writing for the biggest J and K-pop stars, generating huge record sales and earning him several gold and platinum awards.

Viktor Svensson aka Victory is a Swedish producer and songwriter who is part of the music collective VAX. He has written songs for Jennifer Lopez, Margaret, Ivi Adamou representing Cyprus for Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. 

Didrick is a 23 year old multi-platinum producer from Linköping, Sweden. Producing a wide range of genres, from pop to urban and alternative music, he just moved to Los Angeles to take the next step in his musical journey.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Fuego

Take a dive
Into my eyes
Yeah the eyes of lioness
Feel the power
They ain’t lying

A little look
A little touch
You know the power of silence
Yeah keep it up keep it up

I was looking for some high high highs yeah
Till I got a doze of you
U got me pelican fly fly flyin’

Coz I’m way up and I ain’t comin’ down, keep taking me higher ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah yeah ah yeah ah yeah
Coz I’m burning up and I ain’t coolin’ down, yeah I got the the fire ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah yeah ah yeah ah yeah


Take me in
Take a breath
Ain’t no hidden agenda
What u see is what u get

Oh your love is like wild wild fire
U got me pelican fly fly flyin’