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Grand Final
Finished 18th
Is it right
Written by
Elzbieta Steinmetz, Adam Kesselhaut
Composed by
Elzbieta Steinmetz, Frank Kretschmer
Norddeutscher Rundfunk

Elaiza - pronounced Ela-i-sa - that's singer-songwriter-pianist Ela, accordionist Yvonne Grünwald and contrabassist Natalie Plöger. The young trio managed an incredible surprise by first gaining a "wildcard" for the German national final out of more than 2200 acts that had applied via Youtube, and then by winning the German ticket to Copenhagen against seven of the most famous acts of the German music scene. In Copenhagen, they will perform their self-written song Is It Right.

An incredible surprise

They do still exist, these incredible surprises. Those special but rare times when a song captivates you and stays. This is what happens when newcomer band Elaiza jumps on stage and encircles you with their most unusual modern-traditional sound.

Elaiza (Ela-i-sa) is the new female German act evolving around singer-songwriter Ela Steinmetz. Ela's Ukrainian-Polish background clearly influences her songwriting and singing. The band already won the best newcomer award at the Women of the World festival 2013 in Frankfurt. At the club concert Our song for Denmark in Hamburg in late February, they reached for the 'wildcard' - the last ticket to go on the final show determining the German participant at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 – and they sensationally won.

Their unbelievable performance on stage in the Lanxess Arena at Cologne on 13th March 2014 won the hearts of the German voters. Elaiza now represents Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in May in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Eastern European folk mixed with modern sound

Elaiza – these are singer/songwriter/pianist Ela, accordionist Yvonne Grünwald and contrabassist Natalie Plöger. Each one of these three women has formed a very special liaison with their specific instrument. Their music combines traditional Eastern European folk with a most catching modern sound, sometimes called neo-folklore or roots-pop-crossover. The songs show real emotion and come straight from the heart.

Ela's profound understanding of music, rhythm and singing originates back to her early childhood in the Ukraine. After the death of her father, a true musician, Ela moved to Poland with her mother, a classical trained jazz and opera singer. At the age of eight, the family moved to Germany and soon after Ela learned how to play the piano.

A creative combination

At the Valicon sound studios in Berlin, Ela met Yvonne, a passionate accordionist and together they started developing their unique sound. When the two women were introduced to contrabassist Natalie at a tasting event, that unique sound received its finishing touch.

Elaiza's songs combine all the different levels of creative energy Berlin has on offer: a sound which is melodramatic, happy, bitter sweet, funky and intimate all at once. The songs deal with the death of Ela´s father, relationship problems and heartfelt sadness. A picture of real life itself – direct, emotional and very authentic.

With the team of Valicon producers in Berlin Elaiza has created their debut album called Gallery which will be on sale end of March 2014.

Lyrics of Is it right

He's gotta pen in his hand a piece of paper starin' back He could write like a man a novel life back on track Maybe drama, or a poem but still he doesn't know the time is ticking in his ear the holy silence dissappears Is it right or is it wrong?? I can't go on! you can't go on! If you say yes...or even no, you don't know how and where to go She turns over and looks at him she tries to feel, and can't feel anything but it's so hard to say goodbye, even when you know, that it's right. When it's all not what you thought and a friendship is not enough when you long to feel alive and take the chance to give it up Is it right or is it wrong? I can't go on, you can't go on If you say yes, or even no, you don't know how and where to go I know, it's not easy to decide, to find your own direction Oh, the risk is too high but you can't hide Is it right or is it wrong? I can go on, you can go on If you say yes, or even no, you don't know how and where to go

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