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🇪🇸 Spain
Grand Final
Finished 21st
Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Peter Boström & Thomas G:son
Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, Peter Boström & Thomas G:son
Televisión Española

Edurne has been active in several branches of the Spanish show business since her appearance ten years ago in the popular talent TV-show Operación Triunfo. Singer, actress, musical artist, TV presenter, impersonator and her biggest challenge comes now as Spain's Eurovision Song Contest performer! 

Edurne was born in Madrid and began singing at the age of nine. After taking part in the talent TV-show Operación Triunfo in 2005, she has recorded five studio albums with Sony Music: Edurne (2006), Ilusión (2007), Premiére (2008), Nueva piel (2010) and Clímax (2013). Edurne has toured with every album while also collaborating with many artists.

Edurne has also worked as an actress in successful drama series and starred for seven years as Sandy in the Spanish production of Grease. She was also the winner of the impersonating music show Your Face Sounds Familiar and recently co-hosted a daily TV-show.

Amanecer - Break Of Day

The song refers to the daybreak, the emotional instant before the dawn. It tells the painful story of a lost love and the quest to retrieve joy and see the sunrise again: Amanecer.

It has an epic-style music production, with the electronic pop sounds of a unique team of European songwriters, plus the organic instrumental sensitivity of the RTVE Symphonic Orchestra.

Things you should know about Edurne

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

  1. Amanecer is about a universal topic; heartbreak.
  2. But the act seeks true love and happiness.
  3. The song shows an outstanding composition and music production.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

I have worked for years on:

  1. My singular power on stage.
  2. My vocal versatility.
  3. My TV experience.

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

I prepare totally the performance and then take some time to relax before going on stage.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

For me, taking part in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is the most important project of my career.

The writers

Tony Sanchez-Ohlsson is a Spanish music producer and songwriter with several No 1 and platinum hits. He started his classical piano career at the age of eight in the Canary Islands, and in 2006 he began writing pop songs and producing contemporary music.

Peter Boström is a Swedish songwriter and music producer with more than 22 years experience in the music industry. Also known as Bassflow, Peter has produced numerous remixes for film soundtracks (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Thomas G:Son is a Swedish music producer, very well known in the Eurovision Song Contest world where he has credits in more than 60 songs for different countries and artists (most notably Euphoria), plus many successes outside the contest.

Lyrics of Amanecer

Se fue sin saber Que yo sí lo amé Se fue sin creer en mí Perdí la razón Sangré tanto amor Que aún, hoy siento el vacío Me lleva contigo EEEieEEO EEEieEEO Mi corazón Me susurró A mí no vuelvas sin su amor Camino al ayer Allá donde esté Hoy reto al olvido Se fue sin saber Que yo no me rindo EEEieEEO EEEieEEO Mi corazón Me susurró A mí no vuelvas sin su amor EEEieEEO EEEieEEO Devuélveme El alma en pie Devuélveme el amanecer Hoy vuelves conmigo.
He left without knowing That I did love him He left without believing me I lost my mind I bled so much love Now a vast emptiness lives in me It all brings me back to you EEEieEEO EEEieEEO My heart Whispered to me Don’t you come back without him On my way to yesterday Wherever he may be I challenge oblivion He left without knowing I never surrender EEEieEEO EEEieEEO My heart Whispered to me Don’t you come back without him EEEieEEO EEEieEEO It whispered Breathe my soul back into me Bring me back to The Break of Day You’re coming back with me ( Mid-8 )
Il est parti sans savoir que moi oui, je l'aimais Il est parti sans croire en moi J´ai perdu la raison j'ai saigné tellement d´amour Qu´encore aujourd'hui, il bat dans le vide Et il m'emmène avec toi EEEieEEO EEEieEEO mon coeur m´a murmuré Ne retourne pas vers moi sans son amour Je marche vers hier Où qu´il soit Aujourd'hui, je mets au défi l'oubli Il est parti sans savoir Que je ne me rends pas EEEieEEO EEEieEEO mon coeur m´a murmuré ne retourne pas vers moi sans son amour EEEieEEO EEEieEEO Rends-moi l'âme debout Rends-moi l'aube Aujourd'hui, je reviens vers toi ( Mid-8 )