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Dina Garipova

Dina Garipova is a young and talented singer who is originally from the Republic of Tatarstan. She got famous in Russia after her victory in the talent TV show The Voice 2012. Dina is a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. She believes that participating in it “is an important crucial step in any artist’s career”.

Dina was born on March the 25th 1991 in the city of Zelenodolsk (in the Republic of Tatarstan), to a medical family. From the age of six, she took classes in singing at the Golden Microphone Theatre. Now, Dina is a student of journalism at the Kazan University.

Dina is a proud prizewinner of different musical contests: the Firebird Russian National Song Contest (1999), the Republican Festival “Constellation” (2001), International Contest in Estonia (2005). Dina Garipova as a member of the Golden Microphone Theatre participated in the International Contest in France where their musical won the Grand Prix. In 2010 Dina’s first solo concert took place in her home city Zelenodolsk.

In 2012 Dina Garipova won the reality talent show The Voice. As a winner of the show, Dina received the main prize – a contract with Universal Music, one of the largest music corporations in the world.

Talking about her participation in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, Dina says: “I’d worthily like to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest, to sing the song in such a manner that would touch people’s hearts. I want the Eurovision Song Contest to be a real festival of talents! I want all viewers to have a wonderful time! It’s a great honour to be a participant in the Eurovision Song Contest. I’ll do everything I can to turn in a good performance and leave a favourable impression of my country!”

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of What If

What if I could change the path of time
What if I had the power to decide
What if I could make us unify

If I
If I

What if we would open up the doors
What if we could help each other more
What if i could make you all believe

If we
If we

What if we all
Opened our arms

What if we
Came together as one

What if we aimed
To stop the alarms

What if we chose to
Bury our guns

Why don’t we always
Reach out to those

Who need us the most

Together we can change the path of time
Together we have power to decide
The answer lies within our hearts and minds


Together we can make a better place
On this little island out in space
Together we can change the world forever

Let’s unite and make a change
Let’s unite and write a new page
Come on sinners come on saints
Have faith