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Diana Gurtskaya

Peace Will Come

🇬🇪 Georgia
Grand Final
Finished 11th
Second Semi-Final
Finished 5th
Peace Will Come
Karen Kavaleryan
Kim Breitburg
Georgian Public Broadcasting

In what was largely a two horse race in the Georgian national selection, Diana Gurtskaya won with the song Peace Will Come and will be only the second ever representative at the Eurovision Song Contest from Georgia.

Diana Gurtskaya was born on July, 2nd, 1979 in Abkhazia in Georgia. She is blind from birth. During the armed conflict in Abkhazia, her family was forced to remove from their native town and she stayed in a camp for refugees and later moved to Russia.

In 1995 she finished boarding school for blind and visually impaired children in Tbilisi. While studying at a special school she was successfully educated at a musical school in the piano class.

Diana was 10 years old when she first performed on a stage of the Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall. The specific manner of singing of the small girl brought to her unanimous public recognition.

Outstanding vocal talent, ambition and hard work, let Diana become the winner of the international festival of young singers Yalta-Moscow-Transit in 1995 and receive a special prize of the jury.

Her talent and constant desire to improve her skills led Diana to become a brilliant student at Gnesinich  Musical School in Moscow, Russia, in a class of variety vocal. After her graduation, in 1999 Diana began her independent singing career. 

In 1999 Diana became the laureate of the contest Slaviansky Bazar in Vitebsk, Belarus. She repeatedly became the laureate of the trophy Zolotoy Gramafon, festivals, Song of the Year, Ovation and many others.

Diana is honoured with state awards of different countries, including the Honour Award in Georgia, the Honored artist of the Russian Federation and the Award of Saint Barbara in Ukraine amongst others. 

Diana Gurtskaya's talent is esteemed not only in Georgia and Russia, but also in many countries of the world. She successfully performed in Madison Square Gardens in New York, also in Canada, Israel and the states of the former USSR. Diana's duets with world celebrities, such as Toto Cutugno, Demis Roussos, Ray Charles and others are very popular. 

In 2003 she entered in the Russian Academy of a Theatrical Art where she is still studying.

Besides art and singing, Diana conducts public and charity activities. In 2004  her personal initiative was established, Diana Gurtskaya's Charity Fund On call of heart, in order to help blind and visually impaired children. The singer regularly visits orphan's houses and special schools for disabled children.

Recently Diana has released two albums; You are here and You know, Mum, songs from which remain constant hits. The third album is being prepared to be released.

Diana is married to a wellknown Moscow lawyer Peter Kucherenko. In June 2007 their son Konstantin was born.

Lyrics of Peace Will Come

Look the sky is crying cold bitter tears Weeping for the people lost in fear While we fight for nothing my eyes run dry Are you still so blind to ask me why...why Say it out loud peace will come Everybody shout peace will come When you stop and tame your rage Something's gotta change Something's gotta change Say it out loud peace will come Everybody shout peace will come Blow the trumpet beat the drum Peace will come Sometimes words kill faster than bullets do And the face of war is never true Kids with guns are always too young to die Are you still so deaf to ask me why...why My land is still crying Torn in half My world is slowly dying My heart is only crying Peace and love