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First Semi-Final
Finished 15th
Written by
Boris Djurdjevic & Marina Mudrinić
Composed by
Boris Djurdjevic
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Daria Kinzer, the Croatian representative at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, was born on May 29th, 1988 in Aschaffenburg in Bavaria, Germany. Her mother is Croatian and her father German.

As an 11-year old Daria regularly attended a music school in Vienna and also performed in musical productions such as Chicago and Cats. In Vienna she was going to piano and singing classes and taking voice coaching lessons, first with Thomas Frank, an Austrian actor, director and jury member of Starmania/Singing With The Stars, in Vienna, and after that she concentrated on jazz with Elly Wright, “the white woman with a black voice”. Daria continued her education with a Viennese musical singer Cornelia Zenz and with pop singer Monika Ballwein, a vocal coach at Starmania.

Daria also studied at the Viennese conservatory Franz Schubert Konservatorium and had additional voice lessons with Dutch musical star Susan Rigvava-Dumas.

Daria has tried out various musical genres and finally chose pop music. Her idols are Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, as well as the Croatian performer Vanna. Daria has always taken home first prizes from various talent competitions. So far she performed live at Puls TV and taken part in various concerts and productions. Apart from Chicago and Cats, she also appeared in Hair, Jekyll & Hyde, Little Shop Of Horrors and at solo concerts in Wiener Konzerthaus, Wiener Rathaus, Stadttheater Wels, Wiener Börse, Orangerie Schönbrunn and in the Viennese Ronacher Theater.

Daria is in love with Croatian music, especially Dalmatian melodies, and every spare moment she spends in Croatia, enjoying equally Zagreb and Zadar.

At the age of 22 she got her management degree in Vienna, with a thesis entitled "Opening A Musical Event Agency In Croatia”. Because a famous Marabu told her she would participate and win the song contest in 2011.

After winning the Dora  - Croatia's national final for the Eurovision Song Contest - to represent Croatia at the Eurovision, Daria announced she would be moving back to the land of her ancestors – Croatia.

Lyrics of Celebrate

Friday, my night Flashing street lights Let's get this old town dancing Leave your troubles behind Put your hands up Let the magic take over your heart Join us you'll have a good time, love is here to stay Celebrate every single step you take Stop the world for a moment Shine like a comet Nothing can stop you now Celebrate every single step you take Stop the world for a moment Shine like a comet In our musical galaxy Friday, late night We are all just shadows in the moonlight A thousand drums are beating Till the break of day Put your hands up Let the magic take over your heart Join us you'll have a good time, the party of your life Just keep moving and dancing and dancing and dancing Music will heal your soul Let's move to the rhythms and beats all around Until we loose control

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