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Baby Lasagna

The 2024 edition of 'Dora' has its winner and Croatia has its Eurovision Song Contest entry for Malmö - it's Baby Lasagna with the song 'Rim Tim Tagi Dim'.

The Baby Lasagna project was created due to the singer/songwriter's need to compose music according to his own wishes instead of according to his client's instructions. Behind the name Baby Lasagna is the young musician Marko Purišić from Umag. 

Marko uses his many years of professional composition experience to play with different genres, and his relaxed approach to music is reflected in the humour and casual nature of the lyrics. Using what he sees as the predictable arrangement standards of the music industry, Marko tries, for those who listen carefully, to convey a deeper message about the worries and sufferings of our environment. 

Baby Lasagna will try to make you laugh and entertain you, but at the same time attempt to draw your attention to the social and spiritual challenges of the individual and society. It is all, however, in the name of good fun and being carefree. 

Lyrics of Rim Tim Tagi Dim