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Patrick Ouchène is Copycat! His great passion for fifties rock ’n’ roll naturally led him to become a musician but he has always remained loyal to rockabilly. As guitarist and singer, he is not content with copying or recreating the great classics of the era, Patrick also writes and composes his own songs.

In the 1980s, he produced two LPs, an EP and a number of singles. On his first album, he sang with Dani Klein from Vaya Con Dios.

His greatest commercial success was Je Suis Swing with the group The Dominos, which entered the French Top 10 in 1991. With this hit, the Dominos took part in major French entertainment programms presented by Michel Drucker, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Pascal Sevran, with the great honour of singing C’est à Paris in a duet with Charles Aznavour.

Hundreds of live appearances followed in clubs and festivals where The Dominos shared the stage with big names such as Johnny Clegg, the Blues Brothers Band, Wynton Marsalis, Michel Legrand, Claude Nougaro, Maurane, Arno and the famous legend of the blues, Louisiana Red.

More recently, Patrick Ouchène produced six full CDs that provide an explosive cocktail of rockabilly straight out of the fifties and played by rock ’n’ roll aficionados and authentic music clubs.

Managing his musical projects head-on, such as The Million Dollars Sunrise (a project that reproduced the Sun Sound of 1955) or Runnin’ Wild (a group of modern, non-retro rockabilly), he is also acknowledged as a studio musician for his mastery of the rockabilly guitar.

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Lyrics of Copycat

Way down in Memphis, Tennessee
There's a guy looking just like me
Wearing the same blue suede shoes
Singing the same old blues

Way down in the U.S. of A.
There's a guy doing things my way
Combing the same greasy hair
Hugging the same teddy bear

He's a copycat
Trying to steal my soul
But he's too fat
To rock'n'roll

Way down in the deep deep South
There's a guy with a girly mouth
Eating the same banana sandwich
Dressed in the same kind of kitsch

Way down by the Mississippi river
There's a guy with a voice that quivers
Driving the same Cadillac car
Chasing the same lucky star

He's a copycat
Trying to steal my soul
But he's too fat
To rock'n'roll

Way down in America
There's a guy, rich and arrogant
Dating my fair Priscilla
He makes me want to hire a killer!

Way down in the land of the brave
There's a guy lying in his grave
Cause nobody duplicating my jive
Will never get away with that alive

He was a copycat
Trying to steal my soul
Now he's too dead