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Claudia Faniello will represent Malta in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.

Claudia Faniello


🇲🇹 Malta
Second Semi-Final
Finished 16th
Gerard James Borg
Philip Vella, Sean Vella
On the internet
Public Broadcasting Service of Malta

A unique voice. A million emotions. A girl next door by day and glamorous diva by night with a passion for music and life. That's how Claudia Faniello, Malta's representative in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, has been described. 

Claudia’s career is one big rollercoaster of so many beautiful and different emotions. Descending from Italian origin (Italian father and Maltese mother) she nurtured a passion and love for music since she was a little girl. In 2005 she won a show aimed at launching new talent, and since then she never looked back.

One year later she took part in Malta Song for Europe, Malta's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. After this her musical journey kicked off giving her the opportunity to work with many talented people in the music industry. Soon enough she began to write her own music, and form her own band, releasing various successful singles that have charted in her home country.

In 2012 she came close to representing Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, however, it was 2017 that she was finally crowned winner of the national selection and  her dream of sharing her music on the big Eurovision stage came true.

Things you should know about Claudia

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

A deep emotion. A fluid passion. A defined sophistication.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

  • I work as a learning support assistant - meaning I work with kids who have intellectual, physical and behavioural difficulties;
  • I spent most of my teenage life suffering from bulimia and today I go around schools, youth centres & hospitals raising awareness of the illness with the general public;
  • I'm a travel junkie & love history. I must have been an Egyptian in a previous life! 

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

I don't believe in lucky charms or any particular routines however I usually say a little prayer & remind myself of the journey I went through to become who I am today. Self-motivation.

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

The Eurovision stage has evolved into something so big that it is important for every artist. I grew up watching the Eurovision Song Contest, and my brother represented Malta twice in the contest. It took me nine years to get there, so you can understand that for me, it is not only about my career, but it comes from the heart

About the song writer & composer

Philip Vella is one of the most successful composers in Malta. He has won the main national festivals of Malta several times such as the Song for Europe festival, and other local and foreign festivals. Many of his compositions have been used in various special occasions in Malta such as the anthem used in the official celebrations to mark Malta’s entry into the European Union, ‘Worker of the Year’ manifestations, the anthem of the ‘Small Nations Games’ held in Malta in 2003. He also wrote the song to celebrate ‘Year of languages’ in 2002 and also composed the music for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth heads of Government meeting, held in Malta, under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Gerard James Borg has written five songs which have represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest, including 7th Wonder, the song that brought Malta just 12 points away from victory and finished in second place. In 2014 he co-wrote the entry Shine for Russia which placed seventh in the Grand Final. In total he has written over fifty songs for various Eurovision selections all over Europe, coming close to a win on many occasions.

Outside of the Eurovision arena, Gerard has written for artists in different countries and has also enjoyed chart successes. In Malta he is also a published author and his debut novel, Sliema Wives, and his second novel, Madliena Married Men, have both soared to the number one spot in the bestseller charts after their first week of release. He is currently working on new projects which includes his third novel.

Lyrics of Breathlessly

I walk the street Leaving footprints in your heart My feet are worn But they can handle the cold I know the game, I take the blame I wave my white flag unashamed So here I am, right at your door Catching my breath before the storm Breathlessly I’ll be watching you breathlessly Knowing there’s a vacancy within your heart Breathlessly I’ll be holding you endlessly Knowing that the storm is just about to die Climbing over walls that always felt too high Breathlessly I’m stepping out Yet I feel I’m locked inside I’ve got the will, I learned the skill Of a true acrobat for love Breathlessly I’ll be watching you breathlessly Knowing there’s a vacancy within your heart Breathlessly I’ll be holding you endlessly Knowing that the storm is just about to die Climbing over walls that always felt too high Breathlessly