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The Fire In Your Eyes

🇮🇱 Israel
Grand Final
Finished 9th
First Semi-Final
Finished 5th
The Fire In Your Eyes
Dana International & Shai Kerem
Dana International
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Out of 450 entries, Israeli broadcasters IBA and Channel 2 hand-picked five songs for Boaz, who will represent the country at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. In a televised show, the public chose The Fire In Your Eyes as Boaz' song for Belgrade.

Boaz, 20, is a young and passionate singer. With his clear golden voice, and genuine soul, he already won the hearts of the Israeli public, winning the first prize in the Israeli version of "Pop Idol – A Star is Born". From zero to hero, the new idol is the epitome of the new Israeli man, the rising star which shines in Israel, is soon to shine over Europe.

Boaz sings since the early age of five. Going to the synagogue accompanied by his father, the young boy amazed the family when he sang the Jewish prayers. Since then, Boaz's goal was to become a professional singer - and moreover, his secret fantasy was to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest, and to sing for all of Europe. When he performed in the TV talent show "A Star is Born", Boaz amazed the judges with his wide vocal range. Soon after, the whole country fell in love with the voice of the Yemenite nightingale, often refered to as the 'Israeli Joselito', and Boaz became a leading nominee and a favorite for the crowd at home. During the show, Boaz performed with worldwide famous Israeli singer and guitar player David Broza, giving a private interpretation to the hit song Seniorita. His solo performance at the show's finale received more than 50% of the votes of the audience at home. Boaz was then chosen as the Israeli Idol and became the leading role model for Israeli youth and adults. Boaz has touched and moved the hearts of thousands when he dedicated the winning song to his mother. Handicapped since she gave birth to Boaz, she chose his life over hers in a total act of heroism.

Boaz's mother is the young singer’s private symbol of persistance and willpower and his family will accompany him to Belgrade, as a fountain of strength and inspiration. A family guy, Boaz lives with his parents and two siblings in an agriculture cooperative in the middle of Israel. Choosing the song for the Eurovision Song Contest wasn’t easy. Hundreds of Israel’s top songwriters and composers sent their best submissions to the national song contest which was broadcasted on prime time television on Israeli Channel 2. Five songs were preformed by Boaz and the viewers chose The Fire In Your Eyes, which was written by the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana International together with Shai Kerem.  

Lyrics of The Fire In Your Eyes

החם זה קשה, זה קשה כש געגוע מול ירח, כאן לרגע ובורח אחריו, רודף הבכי. זה קשה, זה קשה כש געגוע מול ירח, כאן לרגע ובורח אחריו, רודף הבכי. לפעמים מביא הרוח ריח טוב, מוכר מלטף עכשיו שומע אותך שר פזמון: לא אור כוכב אתה עכשיו איתי, איתי, כאילו אמיתי כמו אז מזמ ן Come along, come along see the fire in your eyes and you come with me with me לפעמים מביא הרוח ריח טוב, מוכר מלטף עכשיו שומע אותך שר פזמון: לא אור כוכב...