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Arilena Ara

Born in Shköder, Arilena Ara (21) has been singing since the age of 5 and, as a kid, participated in many festivals and song competitions, eventually winning X Factor Albania at the age of 14.

In 2014, Arilena released her first successful single Aeroplan, and 2 years later, she participated at the Kenga Magjike festival with the song Nentori where she won the Best Ballad Award. The song went on to become a hit, even beyond Albania, accumulating well more than 100 million streams online.

Arilena is the winner of several international awards and has performed hundreds of live shows in the last few years. Most recently, Arilena was one of the coaches in The Voice Of Albania.

Music video

Lyrics of Fall From The Sky

Words have cut me to the bone
And my heart is sinking like a stone
But I don’t let it show
Barely take another breath
Though I’m suffocating here alone
I’ll never let you know

Fall from the sky
Always making me hold back my wings
When I’m destined to fly
I’m screaming inside
You can crush and break down my walls
But my heart will survive

You have made me doubt my faith
Hide the truth behind another lie
But you won’t see me cry
I pray for you for all you’ve done
All the hurt that you leave in your wake It’s so hard not to break

You think I’m better without
A way to speak my mind
You think I don’t wanna shout
And that I’m terrified
Screaming inside
With nowhere to hide
You won’t let me flyyyyyyy..

Fall from the sky
As you hold back my wings
When I’m destined to fly

I’m screaming inside
Fall from the sky
Break down my walls
But I’m destined to fly