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Anna Rossinelli

In Love For A While

Grand Final
Finished 25th
First Semi-Final
Finished 10th
In Love For A While
David Klein
David Klein
On the internet
Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft

With her soulful voice and authentic, natural radiance, the 23-year-old singer Anna Rossinelli from Basel appeared from nowhere and made it straight into the semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest 2011. She will perform the breezy pop tune In Love For A While in Düsseldorf in front of millions of TV viewers.

However, when it comes to stardom and an international career, the likeable and refreshingly modest singer has both feet firmly on the ground: “I’m far from being a star. I just love to make music with the other members of my band, Georg Dillier (bass) and Manuel Meisel (guitar). We’ll wait and see what happens.”

The catchy and tastefully-arranged acoustic song has been written and produced by the well-known Swiss musician David Klein, who has previously composed songs for stars such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Xavier Naidoo and Sarah Connor. He discovered the charismatic Anna as she was busking in the street and decided there and then to write a song just for her. “Switzerland hasn’t had such a talented singer with the potential to become an international star for years”, according to Klein.

Lyrics of In Love For A While

I looked into your eyes, And when I saw your smile I knew right from the start, Life is good for a while. Romance comes and goes, But a love like ours is here to stay Each lovely night and sunny day. I love everything about you, I couldn’t do without you Whenever you’re near me All my days are on the bright side But when I’m not around you I have to find the way to be with you Each night and every day. Na nanananana, na nanananana na Na nananana... And as time goes by And we’ve seen stormy weather I know that you and I, Were only getting better. But when I’m not around you I have to find a way to be with you Each night and every day I love everything you do I couldn’t do without you, I love everything you do I have to find a way to be with you I know you and I, are in Love for a while.