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She was born in a distant 1980, in the year that Johnny Logan won.... We are of course talking about Anmary, quoting the first line of the 2012 Latvian entry Beautiful Song. 

Anmary begins singing her life story during Beautiful Song, it tells the story of a girl who dreams about walking on to the world stage, but allowing herself some humble pride while imagining life as a superstar.

She was born in the rural town of Gulbene. She admits that music has been a part of her world since childhood. Her father would sing lullabies and play the guitar for her, and her mother encouraged her to enrol in music school, where she learned to play the piano. She started her stage career in the televised reality show TheTalent Factory, where she earned the runners up spot.

In the past Anmary has taken part in a variety of musical projects, has performed in the musical West Side Story, and been the lead vocalist for the groups Sunny Sense and Mash Mash. She has demonstrated her vocal skills to listeners elsewhere in Europe too. Dr. Christoph Schönherr, composer and professor at the Hamburg College of Music and Theatre, chose Anmary to sing solo in his work Magnificat, which toured with the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra around Germany, Spain, France and Belgium.

Anmary continued to develop her vocal skills while studying and today works as a vocal coach and singer. Her greatest fan is her two-year-old son Marts Gabriels. A number of Latvian music professionals have acknowledged her vocal mastery, while listeners are drawn to the quality of her voice, her always pleasant demeanour, and the sincerity of her emotional range,which can be heard throughout her performance.

"Music is my oxygen. Singing is a delight, and I get that indescribable feeling of goosebumps before any stage performance. And then this overwhelming sense of satisfaction and pleasure that somebody may be enjoying those same goosebumps while listening to mysongs.” says Anmary.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Beautiful Song

I was born in distant nineteen-eighty
The year that Irish Johnny Logan won
Thirty years ago, they still remember
So dream away
Today's the day
I'm singing out my song

When I join this grand parade of winners
And we've made this song a worldwide hit
I will buy oh my own mike to sing in
And all the jobs I've had before I'm surely gonna quit

Beautiful song is on the radio, is in the tv shows and so on and on
Beautiful song that everybody hums and everybody loves

My Mom said I'd grow up to be a singer

And Daddy smiled when gave me my guitar
I do my best, and I'll be so much better
Brightest of the highest and the farthest of the stars

And on that day when Sir Mick Jagger phones me
Tell him, please, that I am very busy
Writing brand new songs with Paul McCartney
So sorry Mick, I'll call you back, someday I'll call you back...

Beautiful song is on the radio, is in the tv shows and so on and on
Beautiful song that everybody hums and everybody loves
Je suis née dans les lointaines années quatre-vingt
L’année où l’Irlandais Johny Logan a gagné  ce prix
Trente ans après, on peut en rêver encore
Mais c’est le jour
Où je vais chanter ma chanson

Si je rejoins le grand palmarès des lauréats
Et que nous faisons de cette chanson un hit mondial
J’achèterai mon propre micro pour chanter
Et tous mes boulots précédents – j’en serai bien quitte

Beautiful song passe à la radio, à la télé et encore et encore 
Tout le monde chantonne et aime cette chanson

Ma mère m’a dit que j’étais née pour chanter
Et mon père souriait en m’offrant sa guitare
Je fais de mon mieux et je serai encore meilleure
La plus brillante, la plus haute et la plus lointaine des stars.

Et le jour où Sir Mick Jagger m’appellera
Dites-lui que je suis très occupée
A écrire de nouvelles chansons pop avec Paul McCartney
Alors désolée Mick, je vais te rappeler un jour, certainement…