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Anastasiya Vinnikova

Anastasia was born on April 15, 1991 in Dzerzhinsk, a city not far from the capital of Belarus.

At the age of four years, when I was christened in an orthodox church, all children were silent, but I was singing. Father Gregory said: “Anastasiya, you will be a singer!” “And he sprinkled me with holy water,” – says the singer with a smile on her face.

Anastasiya’s kindergarten teachers were the first to see her singing talent, and thanks to that the girl started to perform already at the age of five. She participated in numerous contests and festivals, including TV song contests. To improve her basic musical skills Anastasiya finished a choral singing class of a music school. Being a goal-oriented, hardworking and diligent person, Anastasiya wanted to be number one in everything she did.

The girl finished secondary school with a gold medal, which proves that she was successful in all subjects. Her thirst for music combined with a desire to study foreign languages. So, Anastasiya entered Minsk State Linguistic University, School of Translation and Interpreting. This stage became a significant event in the performer’s life and work. First Anastasiya passed through university contests, and then she successfully passed audition and was admitted to the Youth Variety Theatre directed by Vasily Rainchik, a People’s Artist of Belarus. From that moment everything in her life happened so fast, just like in a novel or a movie. Anastasiya got acquainted with a famous Belarusian song writer and producer Evgeny Oleinik, who wrote five songs specially for the young performer.

One of those songs – I Love Belarus written by Evgeny Oleinik and Svetlana Geraskova – will be performed by Anastasiya Vinnikova at Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf under the flag of Belarus.

Lyrics of I Love Belarus

I'm feeling great. And it’s easy to be strong
When all the hearts keep on beating as one
The sky is blue and I'm writing a new song
Saying that I'm free, friendly and young

I have so much and I'm ready to show you
Let's come together so here is my hand
We're gonna fly watching lakes in their full view
Fields are full of gold, and it's all my land

I love Belarus
Got it deep inside
I love Belarus
Feel it in my mind
And I wanna see the sun
Shining from above
You will always be the one
I can’t get enough
I love Belarus
Got it deep inside
I love Belarus
Feel it in my mind
And I wanna see the sun
Shining from above
And I'm gonna every day
Give you all my love

So here I go and I'm ready to rise up
Just like a star guiding me through the night
I've got no fear and I will never give up
love is all we need and it's our light

Time will not erase
Courage and my grace
I'm stronger every day.
I say…
Que je me sens bien maintenant. J’entends tous les coeurs se battre à l’ unisson, alors je me sens si forte.
Le ciel est bleu au-dessus de moi, et j’écris ma nouvelle chanson.
J’y chante que je suis jeune, gentille et ouverte.

J’ai tant de chose à te montrer.
Viens avec moi - prends ma main.
Nous allons survoler des lacs magnifiques, des champs dorés – tout cela, c’est ma terre.

J’aime la Biélorussie
Elle est dans mon coeur.
J’aime la Biélorussie
Cela s'empare de mon esprit.
Et je veux jouir du soleil, qui brille au-dessus de moi.
Tu seras toujours la seule pour t’aimer.
J’aime la Biélorussie.
Elle est dans mon coeur.
J’aime la Biélorussie,
Cela s'empare de mon esprit.
Et je veux jouir du soleil, qui brille au-dessus de moi.
Et chaque jour jе t’offrirai tout mon amour.

Je me suis décidé à scintiller
Comme l'étoile qui m'a menée
dans la nuit.
Je n'ai pas peur, je n'en démordrai point.
L’amour – c’est tout ce que nous avons besoin, elle nous donne de la lumière.

Je serai toujours aussi courageuse et belle,
Je deviens plus forte jour après jour.
Et je parle…