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Ana Soklič

Ana Soklič started her music career early; as a young person, she studied with Alenka Dernač Bunta, a solo opera teacher, the acclaimed Slovenian musician Darja Švajger (two-time Slovenian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest) and singing coach Nataša Nahtigal.

In 2018, Ana undertook further vocal training with Dileesa Archer (a professional in soul, gospel, R&B) in the United States. At 18, she set foot on her path as a songwriter as well.

Ana competed twice at EMA, the Slovenian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, and 3 times at the Slovenian Song Festival, where, in 2019, she won 2 jury awards for best interpretation and best song overall. She often performs her songs with symphony orchestras at festivals and on television. In 2014, Ana performed a sold-out solo concert at the Veneto Jazz Festival in Venice, which also hosted names like Keith Jarrett, Cassandra Wilson and Chick Corea. In 2017, she sang in Dubai, Naples and Monaco, and performed with a symphony orchestra at the Lignano Sabbiadoro amphitheatre.

She has performed with the RTV Slovenia Symphony Orchestra and often sings with smaller ensembles, as well. These are her favourite concerts because she feels the connection with the audience is at its most genuine and intimate. She covers songs by the great names of jazz, soul and blues; music that has a story to tell, but also enjoys performing pop music and the way it allows for an engaged interpretation of the lyrics. As a songwriter, she wants to take people to unexpected places, since this is, as she says, “the true freedom of expression”. For Ana, music is a way of life.

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Lyrics of Voda

Let's move on, into a new time,
Let's run away, far from here.
Let's not stop anywhere,
The night will be long.

You can hear my reason pounding.
As a wanderer you know,
The longest way is the one
That leads from words to deeds.

During the storm, I lie
In you till the end.
The water gushes …
But cannot reach us inside.

Let's drive on, the other way,
Beyond light, belief.
A torn-up chair stands there,
Awaiting someone,
Awaiting a child.

During the storm, I lie
In you till the end.
The water gushes …
But cannot reach us inside.

It rises and it rings,
The root, my unease without end.

The water gushes …
But cannot reach us inside,
No, it cannot reach us inside.
Greva naprej, v novi čas,
zbeživa od tu, daleč stran.
Ne ustavljajva se prav nikjer,
dolga bo noč.

Ti slišiš, ko mi bije razum,
ti kot nomad dobro veš,
da od besed do dejanj,
najdaljša je pot.

Med nevihto obležim v tebi do konca ...
Voda drvi ...
A ne zmore v naju dva.

Peljiva naprej, v drugo smer,
dalj od luči, prepričanj.
Tam je strgan stol, ki stoji ...
In čaka nekoga,
čaka otroka.

Med nevihto obležim v tebi do konca ...
Voda ...
A ne zmore v naju dva.

Se poraja in odzvanja,
korenina, moj nemir brez konca.

Voda drvi …
A ne zmore v naju dva,
Ne, ne zmore v naju dva.