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Aminata (Aminata Savadogo) has roots in a diverse ethnic and cultural background. Her ancestry is a mix of African and Russian ethnicity, which, together with the broad and inspiring Latvian culture, has influenced her to express her talents in composing and singing since the early childhood. 

Aminata was born in Riga in 1993 to a Latvian mother of Latvian and Russian descent, and a father from Burkina Faso. She considers herself foremostly Latvian.

She grew up in Latvia - a country, where everybody sings - but her strong and unique voice, which is a blend of three different singing traditions - African, Russian and European - has attracted attention in many singing competitions and music projects she has successfully participated so far.

Latvians believe that the combination of her diverse background, gifted composing skills and stage charm resembles the values of Eurovision Song Contest and puts her as a strong candidate for the victory.

Things you should know about Aminata

Aminata  composes her own music and sings it. She plays the flute and always wanted to become a singer, and only a singer.

Before going on the stage she likes to concentrate and doesn't usually speak with anybody. She likes to listen to music (especially ethnic music), which makes her get on the needed wave. She usually hides in some empty dark corner, so nobody can disturb her. But after the performance she is very friendly and talkative 

I think that every singer dreams to perform on the big stage like it is in the Eurovision. The thought that so many people will listen to my song at the same moment is very exciting, I dream to feel and to enjoy this moment. And of course it is great experience for a young artist like me.

Music video

Lyrics of Love Injected

You bring
The light
My darkest side, babe

The day
The night
To cure the sight, Oh…

You care
You animate
You guard me bare
Bring up the heart rate

Your love
Revives my soul
And I know
You'll choose it whole

Your eye’s a good mirror
Look under the cover
Is above all

I’m safe
Into your hands.
Let’s move away
The edges expand


Show me the source of the light
I’m becoming affected
Seeing the glow of a white
Is what I have detected

Feeling again I’m alive
It’s your shining reflected
Love injected, love injected

Tu apportes
La lumière
Mon côté le plus sombre, bébé

Le jour
La nuit
Se séparent
Pour guérir ma vue, oh…

Tu te soucies de moi
Tu me rends vivante
Tu me protèges nue
Tu accélères le rythme de mon cœur

Ton amour
Ranime mon âme
Et je sais
Tu la choisiras
Tout entière

Ton œil est un bon miroir
Pour voir
Sous la couverture l’amour
présent avant tout

Je suis sans danger
Entre tes mains
Allons partir
Vers les horizons élargis


Montre-moi la source de la lumière
Je suis émue
De voir l’éclat de la blancheur
que j’ai découverte

Je sens de nouveau que je vis
C’est ta lueur reflétée
Injection d’amour, l’amour injecté