Amaia & Alfred will represent Spain at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Amaia y Alfred

Tu Canción

🇪🇸 Spain
Grand Final
Finished 23rd
Tu Canción
Written by
Raul Gomez Garcia, Sylvia Ruth Santoro Lopez
Composed by
Raul Gomez Garcia, Sylvia Ruth Santoro Lopez
Televisión Española

Amaia & Alfred will represent Spain in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with their love duet 'Tu Canción'.

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Amaia Romero and Alfred García, winner and finalist of the latest edition of Spanish TV talent show Operación Triunfo, have a special gift; an innate talent that mesmerises their audience. Tu Canción is the perfect embodiment of Amaia and Alfred’s real and enchanting love story. The song perfectly captures the whirlwind of emotions you feel when falling in love.    

During Operación Triunfo the pair captivated viewers with their distinctive musical qualities, honed in music schools. Their unique singing style and personality on the TV show have become a social phenomenon in Spain.

About Amaia

Amaia started studying piano at six years old at Pablo Sarasate’s Music Conservatory, and at 10 she was already auditioning for her first talent show. Amaia’s voice is unique, fresh and nuanced as she phrases words, while her charm and stunning stage presence seem unreal. Her varied musical inspirations include The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Rosalía, Sílvia Perez Cruz and Argentinean band El Mató a Un Policía Motorizado, among others. 

About Alfred

Alfred is sensitive, dynamic and ambitious, and has been passionate about music from a young age. Born in El Prat (Barcelona), Alfred is a talented songwriter who has released three self-edited albums, despite his young age. He is currently combining his studies in Music with a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the International University of Catalonia. Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave are among his musical heroes.

About the song writers and composers   

Raúl Gomez was born in 1993, in Coria del Río, near the town of Seville, Spain. In 2013, at the age of 19, Raúl won the second edition of the music competition The Number One. In those days, he could not imagine one of his songs would be selected four years later to represent Spain at the Eurovision Contest. 

From a very young age, Raúl liked to play the violin. He completed his musical education at the Conservatory of Seville, taking a professional degree in violin and training in piano and composition. He believes his diversity as a performer comes from the fact he learnt to sing with the violin scales. 

During his participation in The Number One, Raúl performed classic tunes such as Nina Simone’s Feeling Good and Elton John’s Your Song as well as Spanish hits such as Hombres G’s band Temblando. The videos on the official YouTube channel of the show were most viewed, exceeding three million views.    

Raúl released his first album in 2014 and launched it live as the opening act at concerts of X Factor UK winner James Arthur in Madrid and Barcelona. He moved to London in 2016 where he has continued to develop his style of composing. One of his tracks, Tú qué me das, was included on Rosa López’s latest album Kairós. Rosa represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2002. Raúl is currently writing new compositions for other artists and is working on his own new album as a performer, with songs in both English and Spanish.

Sylvia Santoro is co-author of Tu Canción, alongside her nephew Raúl Gómez. Born in Barcelona in 1977, Sylvia currently lives near Seville, Spain. Married and mother of two, her daughters are the love of her life. She is a singer/songwriter but also teaches flamenco at colleges and universities.    

At the age of seven, Sylvia’s parents moved to the island of Mallorca where she discovered music is the language of the soul. At 13, she got her first guitar, learning to play it without formal lessons, and started to write her own songs. 

During her teen years Sylvia studied singing, musical education and classical Spanish dance and flamenco. She has worked as an artistic adviser and attended many academic sessions as a songwriter, fusing painting and music with the painter and poet Antonio Soto at the Universities of Tenerife, Barcelona, Seville and others in Spain and Europe.    

At 25, Sylvia recorded her first music demo, Si las piedras hablaran, and moved to Barcelona the year after to release her first album Sentido. At 38, after a five-year hiatus, she has returned to songwriting.

Sylvia likes simplicity and loves her family above all. She uses art as a spiritual language and truly believes the best things in life are free.  

Lyrics of Tu Canción

Nunca llegué a imaginar Que viajar a la luna sería real Lo pones todo al revés Cuando besas mi frente y descubro por qué Ya no puedo inventarlo Siento que bailo por primera vez Eres el arte que endulza la piel De mi mente viajera que sigue tus pies Siento que bailo por primera vez junto a ti Sé que en ti puedo encontrar Esa voz que me abriga si el tiempo va mal Todo es perfecto si estás A mi lado creando una nueva ciudad Siento que bailo por primera vez Eres el arte que endulza la piel De mi mente viajera que sigue tus pies Siento que bailo por primera vez Ya no puedo inventarlo Solo quiero Tu canción Siento que bailo por primera vez Eres el arte que endulza la piel De mi mente viajera que sigue tus pies Siento que bailo por primera vez junto a ti

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